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  1. I agree that we need a safari revamp, since the actual is just plain and boring... But not like this, we're basically paying 500$ for only one pokemon.
  2. You may be right, but if you can implement it good, there's no way you can't unbalance everything. I'll give you an example: Let's say this is the firse 7 day login bonuses: Day 1: 3 Pokeballs Day 2: 3 Pure water Day 3: 5000 Pokedollars Day 4: 2 Oran berries Day 5: 2 sets of random seed (1 big, 2 smalls) Day 6: 2 antidotes and 2 burn heals Day 7: 1 direct hit, 1 speed x We can say this is a less offensive balance problem, and the scale can go up without unbalance much from there. Now, we scale consecutive this: Day 8, 15, 22: Can be 3 of any pokeball, either be superballs, repeat balls, dusk ball, etc. Day 9, 16, 23: Can scale up to: Soda pop, lemonade or moo moo milk. Day 10, 17, 24: Can be up any types of money or well be a amulet coin (Since the nerf/buff). Be in mind you recive one of them every month, so they're not intrusive, since you have to constantly log in to get one. Day 11, 18, 25: Can be any set of berries you can come up with. Day 12, 19, 26: Any set of seeds. Seriously, any set, don't matter how, as long you will be able to plant at least 2 berries. Day 13, 20, 27: Any set of stat healing items. (You can put a saffron box at day 27, again, you'll have to log in for 27 consecutive days, so it's a effort at least) Day 14, 21, 28: Any set of battle stat boosters. (Same here, you can put a lucky egg small, since you have to log in for 28 consecutive days) Now, once you get to the last big reward, your reward streak will reset, so you'll be back to reward 1: 3 Pokeballs Also, you can make special login bonuses on holidays. Noy, you see what i did there? Sonething not so intrussive, and doesn't affect the economy that much. I'll agree with the untradeable items tho.
  3. -English- Come here and get spooked! (Well, not really. You get my drift) This is my gallery, when you can ask for signatures, i have various types: A simple avatar and signature. (Or anything, really. Try to not ask for excesive details, i'm still not good yet). Give me a render, a background, size and measure. I'll do it to the best of my abilities. Pixel art! Do you want a pixel you? Give me references and i'll do it. You ca even ask me to put it in a signature (You can see mine, so you can see what i mean) You can request by, either this post, a PM, or a mail directly to my PokeMMO account. I'm Ventusmaster BTW. Also: Patience is key. I'm free to break the contract if you're pestering me constantly. Nobody likes getting poked constantly in the eye. Although i don't want money, you can still show me some love sending me a mail with PokeDollars as a donation. Send it to Ventusmaster and maybe that'll be the boost i need right now. -Español- Vengan y tengan un accidente del miedo! (La verdad no, acabo de trapear, pero me entienden) Les presento mi galería, donde pueden preguntar por firmas, avatares, pixel art... lo que sea! Les puedo dar: Un avatar o firma. (O lo que sea, la verdad. No pidan muchos detalles, no soy tan bueno en esto) Dadme un render, un fondo y medidas de la imagen. Hare lo que pueda hacer con lo que me dieron. O podeis pedir... ¡Pixel art! Mandarme una imagen de referencia y podré hacer hasta tres poses. También podeis pedir que las pegue a una firma (Como mi avatar) Se puede pedir esto por este mismo post, por un privado, o por un correo directamente a PokéMMO al apodo Ventusmaster. Tengan presente que si me molestan mucho por un art, estoy en todo mi derecho de cortar la comisión. A nadie le gusta que lo molesten en cada momento... No acepto pagas, pero si lo desean, pueden mandarme un donativo a la cuenta de Ventusmaster. Puede que me apure en dicho pedido o bien, enviarme un extra con detalles que falten. Samples: Thanks, and have a good day!
  4. Daily rewards sounds neato, but we didn't have boxes already?
  5. -English- Why hello there, everyone. Radicall dreamer here. Been a player since late 2012 (So, why i'm less know? Well, let me explain) I got so, so, SO frustrated, havieng lvl 50 pokemon in kanto league. So, depression and bullying in my school made me search for another, more relaxing game. Well... nOT ANYMORE! But yeah, i quited more times that i though, but i never came to this forums... Well, so here i am, hello everyone! -Español- QuE TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL TODOS... Ahem, aquí Radicall Dreamer. Jugador de PokeMMO practicamente desde que salió, poco más o poco menos, pero en fin, acá estoy. Ahora, si, ya lo sé... ¿Por qué no soy más conocido? Bueno... Creo que he hecho mucho ragequit desde que me partieron el hocico en la elite 4 de kanto. Iba como idiota con mi equipo de pokes al lvlv 50 :C Y bueno, también hubo depresión y bulling por parte de mi escuela de por medio, pero despues de años puedo decir que soy libre de eso. En fin, holas y nos vemos en el juego
  6. Hello guys, i was able to create a PokeMMO Music Mod. This is my first mod, a compilation of Pokemon Ethereal Gates, a Pokemon fangame, who has all his ost custom made. I was able to replace most (Not all tracks) I don't have a list now, but you'll get all the song eventually All OST was made by Sean Petersen. Download links: Login Screen: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dt1rh81iv76npm0/Pokemon_Ethereal_Gates_Music_ModPack_Login_[Version_1.0].zip Kanto: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2nkkk5wzrv5pbrb/Pokemon_Ethereal_Gates_Music_ModPack_Kanto_[Version_1.0].zip Hoenn: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tma8aselmt05xlk/Pokemon_Ethereal_Gates_Music_ModPack_Hoenn_[Version_1.0].zip Unova: https://www.mediafire.com/file/14ww5yx724lubjb/Pokemon_Ethereal_Gates_Music_ModPack_Unova_[Version_1.0].zip/file Errors: Expected errors from music mods has to be expected: Crashes, and Static. ¿Another suggestion? ¿Errors? Feel free to ask, and thanks in advance!
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