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  1. Multiple accounts is indeed a trouble thing in the current environment. As a player who enjoys the game, I am against the asset transfer between multiple accounts.
  2. I always think farming benefits(trade with other players) is not the direct factor of inflation. Trading with NPC, which means the currency is overdone, is an important factor of inflation, so why we not choose to limit the volume trading with NPC, and restore the original berry price. That can consume the player's coins, the total amount of money issued can also be controlled.
  3. I can not comment on what happened before I touch this game, but sacrificing player’s vested interests,not potential profit, to balance the game is definitely wrong.
  4. First of all, I lost at least 5M(almost 99*60 seeds, market price $2500->$1500 per unit) in this 'berry cut'. Officals may think that ’berry cut' can curb potential inflation which is understandable, however that officals chose this unpredictable update with no transitional period makes me feel terrible. We could have berry consumed at the market price If we were in transitional period, even 1 week, in which we can balance our inventory and cash. I know there is no help to what happened, just protest AGAINST ‘berry cuts' with pale words.
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