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  1. We want the devs to change back Amulet Coin, Lucky Egg, and gaining abilities from fainted overworld Pokemon! http://chng.it/mZcnwq7xBD
  2. Yeah this change is completely asinine to me, the Devs claim to be trying to encourage more active play and now, instead of using Explosion on my Magcargo and doing literally anything else, I have to sit and wait for my eggs to hatch.
  3. This is another solid point. Because of the timer, I can no longer stop and enjoy the game in the middle of a money run. I am forced to continue doing a boring, repetitive task for an hour while my friends are doing other, fun things. I would go so far as to say that I am dis-incentivized to reply to chat, both channel and my team, because I am locked into rushing to get as much money as possible, whereas before I would freely respond and help out players with questions in chat. While money runs were not my primary source of income before, this is certainly not the case for a lot of players, especially newer players, including many of my in-game friends who feel entirely disheartened at their severely reduced ability to make money. I sincerely hope the developers will hear our protests and revise this change, as it can only improve the overall gameplay experience for the majority of the playerbase.
  4. Exactly Exactly this. I no longer feel as though it is worth it to log on every day to do my usual runs. I no longer have any incentive to rebattle all of the trainers in every region. The amulet coin is an essential component of what makes these things worth doing. Now I have little to no desire to keep playing. If it were not for my team, I would likely have quit at this point. This update has left a very sour taste in my mouth and I feel that the devs are completely ignoring the interests and feelings of the playerbase.
  5. I can attest to this, a large number of my friends ingame are feeling discouraged from playing because of the change to both the Lucky Egg and Amulet Coin. Many of us are donators and have been playing this game for a long time. After this change we will no longer be donating my $25 every month. I feel like it is a direct insult to the players and an obvious money grab. At the very least make a consumable version of the Amulet coin and hell, just nerf the original further. I have been playing this game for well over five years and this is by far the worst update I have seen. In addition, I do not see what has been gained by making players unable to use fainted leads for their abilities. Now I have to keep my Magcargo alive for flame body whereas normally I would rebattle trainers.
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