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  1. I recently have been thinking about doing my first shiny hunt and am aware that the shiny rate for non-premium users is 1/30,000. My question is are there any ways to improve these odds using various methods? I was reading on Bulbapedia that there are different methods that increase the chances of finding a shiny such as with the Masuda method and with chain fishing. I was wondering if there were any similar ways in this game to improve the odds? Also are there ways to lower the encounter rate like group encounter of 5? https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Shiny_Pokémon
  2. I've changed the Gengar set for focus blast. I'm considering removing taunt but he could make a good lead. What do you guys think. My main water STAB for Kingdra is Hydro Pump so Muddy water shouldn't affect me. I like the Idea of having multiple pokemon that are able to set upso I'll change Conkelldur as you said. At the end you lost me, you named like six moves for Gengar without really saying which ones I should do. I assume Shadow ball and focus blast go together but with what. Thanks again, it was a big help.
  3. Gyro Ball caps out maximum damage when it it 6 times slower than what it's attacking. Smogon even recommends investing into speed for Ferrothorn because it doesn't really affect Gyro Ball. The 2 IV is only for the niche scenario of Ferrothorn vs Ferrothorn to ensure the win and makes no difference in damage to all other pokemon. I don't even think that this rare scenario will even play out, but if it does, then I can win it. What move set should Gengar have, I've never used him? Isn't Iron fist a hidden ability for Conkelldur? Am I wrong or is Guts and Hidden iron fist a thing. Volcarona is a coverage pokemon who should not be out in the rain. Hydo Pump is the main water STAB for my Kingdra, Muddy Water is as you said for my doubles team when I make it. I forgot Pelipper can learn Roost so I'll replace toxic for it. Thanks for the critiques, I do want to know how to improve my Gengar set though?
  4. In my original post I said "Volcarona - Modest nature - 248 HP, 112 DEF, & 148 SPD - Health or status berry." I wasn't aware that Fiery dance had that high of a chance to increase stats so I will switch that now. Thanks!
  5. I didn't think of T-tar. I do have two water types (one w/ defog) and a fighting type so Volcarona should be able to manage.
  6. I originally wanted Machamp since his Dynamic punch (120 attack plus confusion) is guaranteed to hit, he's slightly faster and takes more hits. I hadn't looked at Conkeldurr because I originally didn't like his stats. Now that I'm looking at them they seem great so I must have been pretty dumb. I'm thinking of using Drain Punch, Thunder Punch (since I don't have any electric on my team,) Mach Punch, and probably fire punch for ferrothorn. I wanted Volcarona for type coverage so I'm a little skeptical putting a third water type or another dragon on my team. Is Blissey/Chansey worth getting or maybe a Snorlax instead?
  7. I went with the normal defensive investment into Volcarona because it already has great SpD. And as you said, quiver dance already boosts SpD so it would be an even worse investment. Also, Flamethrower does more damage than fiery dance so it isn't that great. There are more powerful moves but they either lower stats or have a high enough chance to miss. The Volcarona EVs were specifically meant for it to have a safe setup for quiver dance and not just counting on an opponent switch or protect. I probably should have written in the specifics more for Volcarona, thanks. I'll definitely take another look at EVs to design them for level fifty and you're probably right that I'll have to focus on either singles or doubles and that I shouldn't spread for both. Seriously thank you, this post was helpful.
  8. I have literally never played a Pokemon game against other players so this is my first ever team comp. I haven't invested in it yet so it is still subject to change, (hence why I'm here.) I am long familiar with pokemon and have watched a good amount of VGC doubles so I am aware with the basics. My Kingdra is designed for both doubles and single with Muddy Water but that is it. Sometimes information such as EVs or items was left out but that was for suggestions since I'm unsure on a bunch. Pellipper - Drizzle - Defensively trained - Damp Rock - Defog - Scald - Hurricane - Roost Kingdra - Modest - SpA & Spe maxed EV - Life orb - - Muddy water - Draco meteor - Hydro pump - Ice beam Volcarona - Modest nature - 240 HP, 120 DEF, & 148 SPD - Passho berry - Quiver dance - Roost - Fiery dance - bug buzz Conkelldur - guts - Adamant - 120 HP, 252 Atk, 120 SpD, 16 Spd - Choice band - Drain punch - Bulk up - Mach punch - Stone edge Gengar - Modest - Sludge - HP and Speed with 16 SpA EV - Shadow Ball - Will-O-Wisp - taunt - Focus Blast Ferrothorn - Adamant - (2 speed IV to outspeed opposing Ferrothorns) HP and Defense EVs - Leftovers - Stealth Rock - Leech seed - Gyro Ball - Protect/Power whip
  9. Thank you, but now wonder if I should have left it like that because I feel stupid now.
  10. I recently changed some setting and then my hotkey bar (at the top left) started covering the part of the screen that tells you the channel, location, and money. I can't tell how much money I have until this bug is fixed. I have reverted my settings back to normal but the UI is still covering up important information. does anyone know the fix?
  11. Thanks for the info, I just always like having a reasonable variety of pokeballs for if I find a shiny or a good breed.
  12. I have bought pokeballs from Pokemarts in pairs of ten and I have not gotten any Premier Balls. How do I get Premier Balls in PokeMMO? I know I've seen them before.
  13. I was thinking about new the features that will be added in with Sinnoh and I came up with some question for the devs. Are special non legendaries going to be available such as Rotom, Spiritomb, and Drifbloon (even though it's available in Unova?) And if so then will the methods of catching them be any different (I imagine that it would be weird capturing the thirty bases for Spiritomb and with Drifloon only being available on Fridays, it could be difficult to figure out at exactly what times because the servers are international.) If anyone has some additional questions for the devs or anything to add to what I've said about features that might be difficult to include in the finished product then also add that down below.
  14. Thank you LeZenor, that's all I needed to know.
  15. I just had some questions about this games competitive rules Are the Gen five rules the same? For example is it illegal to have drizzle with swift swim on the same team? (a rule that is pretty much exclusive to gen five) I noticed that in each tournament listing they have to list various clauses, but are there also clauses that are given? (besides using OU mons in NU and esc...) I have never done competitive so I'm trying to figure out the exact rules.
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