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  1. You're going to end up with a feebas after each breed, just keep breeding that one, or multiple at a time. If the Feebas is male, use a ditto. Otherwise use some other cheap male pokemon in that egg group. Beats finding 30k Feebas by encounters. Although it can be expensive Definitely not easy
  2. Feebas would be one of the pokemon I would try breeding for a shiny rather than encounters.
  3. Hello Tamermoga, Welcome to PokeMMO!! If you have any questions or need any help, don't hesitate to reach out.
  4. Hello, Welcome to the Forums!
  5. RevzSM

    Hello World !

    Hello! Welcome to the forums :)
  6. Yes, One in Castelia City and one at the Pokemon Fan Club in Icirrus City. I think you must bring the president a Pokemon that has grown at least 25 levels since acquired to get the exp share.
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    Hi : )

    Hello! Nice to meet you :)
  8. Hello, Nice to meet you :)
  9. RevzSM

    Vanity Thread

    Whats the vanity in the right picture? Thanks
  10. Welcome to PokeMMO!! 1) Trainers are a 6 hour cooldown and Gyms (including Morimoto?) are 18 hours. These are hours in real life and not in game. Each in game day is 6 hours. 2) I believe Morimoto is easier the first time around. When I do rematches with 6 lvl 100s, gyms and Morimoto are around lvl 80-85. They could be scaled to what you bring to the fight, I'm not sure. 3) Battle points can be seen on your trainer card.(Second icon on the bottom or press c) They can be used at the Battle Subway(Unova) or Battle Frontier(Hoenn) to purchase items, certain moves, etc. 4) In PokeMMO eggs hatch in 10 mins or 5mins with Flame body/Magma Armor ability. Shiny rate is 1/30000 without any modifiers. So with the donator pass it would be 1/27000. 10% off Enjoy your stay! :)
  11. The language barrier is the problem. Player1 -> "Where are you?" Player2 -> "SsangYong" (my most recent reply) Point being it would be easier for 2 button clicks than struggling with language barriers
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