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  1. You can surf at pacifidlog and use sweet scent, theres a chance for a pelliper horde, and is right next to a PC
  2. Your best bet is to head to 5 island in Kanto, use sweet scent to get a horde encounter, and then use thief if frisk procs
  3. Not worth it? Do you care to explain your math? Because I'm a bit interested in how the best money making activity, outside of berry farming, just somehow wasn't worth it.
  4. One thing I would like to mention before this topic gets too in depth. While the price of berries have been slashed in half, the price of seeds has gone down. The startup cost for a liechi class tree is now approx 4k, and a tree will, on average, produce almost 7k. The old profits were 5.5k average, and the new profit is 3k average, potentially going to go up if the price of seeds continue to fall. Also, the price of an amulet coin is currently far below the amount of extra money gained with gym rematches, due to the old 25% buff being increased to 50% Taking in all these factors, the only decrease in yen production would be from bots. And bots, as a whole, only seemed to affect the price of vanity items with the massive inflation. I doubt much will change, rather, this just gives people new ways to make money with coin/egg farming.
  5. This seems to be an ongoing issue, with another thread showcasing a similar issue. Youre not the only one
  6. Same issue here, not just you. I already updated the game earlier. This is asking for a 2nd update.
  7. Think you're gonna need to update a lot more than that B
  8. I figured this would be the case... but then what about the mini lucky eggs? And even then, the changelog still said they made them easier to obtain. Just seems misleading if thats the case
  9. The changelog said it made lucky eggs easier to obtain now that they're consumable. My question is... how? How do we obtain the easy eggs?
  10. GameFreak didnt let you buy pokemon with money, nor anything that isnt sold from an NPC vendor Money was virtually worthless, outside of energy drinks
  11. Not really, the coins have a greater effect than the original held item. It rewards players for playing through the game more quickly. On top of that, this change makes coin/egg farming lucrative, which gives players a viable farming option that isnt heart scales for pennies. This is a multiplayer game. Money in a multiplayer game must be treated differently than money in a singleplayer game. I didnt think this would have to be stated. The consumability of lucky eggs HELPS you raise your favorite pokemon, as you no longer have to pay a fortune for a measley 10% buff.
  12. I know where you're going with this question And I can already tell you The extra money you get for using it with pay day farming would NOT offset the cost of the amulet coin itself. Payday profiting is not lucrative You should really move onto something else
  13. This is a solid idea. They already have the coding to do so, with how much is excluded when someone is in possession of mewtwo or rayquaza. I support this now.
  14. source comes from Meowth, as far as I know. Also, with these changes, rematches are now the most profitable activity in pokemmo, fitting for something on a timer. It's controlled inflation, one that pairs with the controlled deflation in GTL tax. Its not really so much an issue of inflation as it is activity.
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