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  1. Did they nerfed NPC money output? I did the Kanto one and got only 60k, i already won the league while ago
  2. Al parecer es algo que está afectando a mucha gente, los desarrolladores ya lo estan arreglando así que de momento no es un problema de tu dispositivo y no puedes hacer mas que esperar
  3. Cute charm increases oposite gender encounters Hustle, Pressure and Vital spririt increases high level wild pokemon encounters Intimidate, Ken Eye decreases the rate of encountering a wild pokemon a 50% if the party lead is at least 5 leves higher than the wild pokemon that should have appeared No guard increases wild pokemon encounters by 50% Quick feet does the opposite
  4. I'm assuming now Lucky Egg has to be a lot more easy to obtain... Even though there's nothing about that on the update notes
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