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  1. I kind of agree with you in the sense that making perfect comps is slow and time consuming as hell, if you decide to catch your breeders then you reduce the total cost but it becomes much more slower, same way if you decide to buy them you reduce the time but increase the cost, and a 5x31 ends up costing around 1M, it's insane. People might say that it is necessary that breeding perfect comps is "hard", because otherwise you'll end up seeing a lot of them and eventually the prices would drop dramatically but, well they may be right, but it doesn't make it any less annoying :P Aside from that I think your opinion is trash
  2. I don't think it's NECESSARY
  3. Yeah seems like a good feature, i'm game with this one
  4. I see, thank you very much!
  5. Hello everyone Does anyone know if in this game Smooth Rock extends the duration of Sandstorm when created by Sand Stream?
  6. I'm interested on making an order but before that, can you tell me what does this mean? "21k breed's are 50k extra and 9k breed's are 25k extra" Thnx in avance!
  7. Since this seem to be the shiny encounter thread... I've caught my first shiny :D <3 A beautiful shiny Oddish https://imgur.com/a/AGm0qby I'm very lucky since i was just looking for Amulet Coins and it wasn't even a horde one, and ALMOST ran away from her but I realized in the last moment that it was a shiny XD
  8. Honestamente siempre supe que había un evento de Halloween, pero nunca pude entender en qué consistía, solo veía a un montón de gente en el chat Global hablando de que había ciertas cosas en quien sabe qué rutas, pero tampoco me dieron muchas ganas de ir a investigar a ver qué encontraba (en especial porque muchas de esas locaciones eran en Unova y yo aún no he ido a esa región). Así que mi voto es: No entendí nada
  9. There's a villian who decided to travel to the past so he can kill Naruto when he's weaker, which is why Boruto and Sasuke time travelled to protect him (to be exact, at the Sasuke's desertion arc). Don't worry too much about it. iirc it's just a filler made by Pierrot (80% of Boruto's anime is filler tho)
  10. Hey! :D Good morning everyone I was planning an OU comp team and came across with deciding my physical sweeper, normally I would use Garchomp but since it isn't available yet I think my go-to choices are Salamence, Dragonite or Haxorus. So the question is: Which one do you think is better? As far as I know both Dragonite and Salamence are better than Haxorus (although i would prefer him as he looks cooler), but i can't decide between those two... I think they both have their weaknesses but i'm still kinda new so i'm looking forward to someone else's opinion on this :D tl;dr: Which is better? Dragonite or Salamence? PS: I'm also open to any other physical sweeper suggestions for OU, just don't say Conkeldurr as I already use Mienshao in my team as a lead Thank y'all
  11. Did they nerfed NPC money output? I did the Kanto one and got only 60k, i already won the league while ago
  12. Al parecer es algo que está afectando a mucha gente, los desarrolladores ya lo estan arreglando así que de momento no es un problema de tu dispositivo y no puedes hacer mas que esperar
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