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  1. As I thought, not the best place :p Rotom is fair, better stat spread movepool and levitate Guessing Lanturn will move down to UU when the changes come through Thank you in any case for the replies^
  2. Don't know if this is the right place to ask but, I havent seen Lanturn on the tierlists whatsoever, the list updates I've found only ofcourse. Was wondering why he wouldn't be on there even as a C tier poke. Or if its in untiered or someting. Has a strong ability and works well in rain teams and 'can' cripple some stuff thats slower or tankable with either Twave or toxic. there's a better thread to post this isn't there? (sorry if too far off topic)
  3. Great that eruption also works against any team/poke
  4. Hoenn gymleaders give you around 7k wheb they are below lv100. Which you want to keep that way. Gyms are so much easier to run through when they are still at and around lv70. Lv100 makes the fight take a long time for just farming. Even regular trainers with high payouts (gentleman and socialite nwar Undella town give 5.4k each) are better than (lv100)gyms atm.
  5. Just an idea of course, know that people want to play it. But there seems te be an arguement about firered kanto vs johto's kanto Can it be done in reverse? That after completing kanto you get a script with Oak that introduces you to prof elm which gives johto access (with HG SS safari?(gible)) johto has a portside town as well so players might get a johto ticket(like when you can get to battle frontier in Emerald) and take the boat to olivine. (Ofcourse after beating kanto e4) This way, we wont need a new (old) kanto and can still run through johto (except getting legendary dogs n birds ofc) The lvl cap will still restrict us when we go there and devs could make it a fresh area, starting point at Elm like normal Or make it more of a DLC-ish thing that stuff is postgame like kanto was when playing johto games which makes Olivine city the starting point but with no gifted starter(or rival :(, but Red tho) am a noob so I only have an idea, no real knowledge of how big and difficult it is to actually make it like this but hope this idea gets some support :) PS: do think that the magnet train will be out of commision /impossible due to programming difficulty? Since fired reds kanto does not (and will not?)have the station in saffron. 'This function has not been implemented' might work to close it down in Goldenrod.
  6. Thats why I cry everytime, even hearing its going to take another year would be aight. At least there's 'an' estimate instead of just nothing. Dont care if they would even make that estimate or not. It would give insight on what has been worked on/ why its taking longer than hoped, which also silences whining noobs like me in repeatedly asking when sinnoh is coming out^
  7. Reading that makes me cry evrytime :) but yeah fair enough
  8. Is there any estimate at all for the release of sinnoh? With all functions or whithout^ Only saw old posts and that there were some days of pts, is there any update about it? Comp wise, infernape also joins in :)
  9. Wondering if platinum will come this year and how the PTS version went. Anyone that has any insight in this? (Please keep memes to yourselves.. inefficient informing :'( )
  10. Having amulet coin no longer as a hold item is not huge. It sucks terribly. Why? Because you dont need actual good held items to farm some random trainers for money. Making held items consumables is a uguu move, period. Nerf it so it gives you 10% extra cash from trainers or something. Now it's just a waste of an item
  11. Hmm, I know. I used a brighter yellow and realized that. So I changed to a gold color to make it easier on the eye. I don't have many options, unless I just make it black? edit: Hows that dirty yellow color? Bit better? Still need a change? On the edit of the yellow font, please do. Would a dark teint of gold work? Like the pokemon gold cartridge (best example I could make up right now srry). Do love the guide, thank you very much :)
  12. Outrage nerf is pretty volatile tbh, the move will barely / not be run anymore, where it was the strongest physical dragon attack before. A nerf is a nerf, ir should be a good nerf. Not 'canon' or 'non-canon', as long as they can implement it, why not go for the further testing and making outrage actually fair to use (as opposed to the 120)? Also mentioning other moves with drawbacks helps nothing when talking about another move, they are fine as they are. The ' non canon balancing ' stops when moves do appropriate damage(also when they are not touched in the first place). There is no further need to then make another thread about yet again buffing outrage since its already doing proper damage.
  13. Damage calculations, start off at 120, make your way down until it proves to be a lot more fair
  14. Damage calculations^ should point the minimum (gen3) and maximum(gen4 onwards) so if the base power were (sad to have read that it doesnt) interchangeable you could step up, step down and find a fair midway
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