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  1. an item to regress the evolution of the pokemon.(back to pre evolution evolution) it is very sad to be upgrading pokemon to LC and let it evolve unintentionally, it has already happened to several other people too, just now it happened with a munchlax where the breed must be one of the most expensive to make. it would be good to also regress the evolution of other pokemons as well as some shinies The item could be present from the gift shop maybe
  2. Icirrus horde stunkfish - super potion Icirrus horde mienfoo - Dragon Scale, Dragon Fang Giant chasm horde piloswine - Moon Stone, Super Repel, Expert Belt
  3. rare candy, great ball, soft sand are pickuped in icirrus(I tried with horde stunkfish)
  4. Happy new year and 2020 have a lot of rng, shiny and fun
  5. Merry christmas! ^^ credits image: devianart - kemofoo
  6. It would be shiny. So do you mean that if the male has MY OT and the female is unknow the puppy will have OT UNKNOW?
  7. if I breed: "my ot"(male) + "unknow ot"(female) = "???" "my ot*"?
  8. After another 8 consecutive hours of shiny hunting and at that shiny moment. I was looking for a cheerful one, but 2x31 is already so wonderful
  9. I hope that when platinum comes out many new players will start playing to raise the value of the items :)
  10. what is the pokemon? there are pokemon that only evolve during a period of the day
  11. Vinland saga opening 1: Vinland saga ending 1:
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