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  1. My suggestion is that the Team Tournament be held before major events such as Halloween, Christmas and the Lunar New Year begin, rather than the last week of the month as it could always be done on the penultimate Saturday of the month just like" Team Tournament August 2020 (Saturday 22nd) "in the penultimate week of the month. It is bad to have to decide to continue farming in these events where millions are made and occur a few times a year or go to the Team Tournament which is also a very important event @Bearminator
  2. Team Name: SEVIIChampions Team Tag: [SêVí] Registered Players: DeusBruno, MatsVictor, Polarizedd, JuniorPT, ButaleF, mercenariojv, Pedrolee, Springgann, Biqueta, elciga, ImEnvy, StormDestructor, zBlokyLoky, zShanksBR, Farayyy Team Captain: DeusBruno
  3. Altered again the buyer of the 82m will have to leave in 15min https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20201122T140500&p1=tz_brt&p2=133&p3=1440&p4=tz_et&p5=33&p6=195&p7=tz_cet
  4. The buyer who offered 82m is in a hurry and will not be able to log in tomorrow, it will be sold in 2 hours. Last Offer 82m https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20201122T140500&p1=tz_brt&p2=133&p3=1440&p4=tz_et&p5=33&p6=195&p7=tz_cet
  5. ON GLT 115m OR will be sold by the highest bid until: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20201123T000000&p1=tz_brt&p2=133&p3=1440&p4=tz_et&p5=33&p6=195&p7=tz_cet
  6. WTS Shiny Tentacool + M + ALL EGG MOVES + CAT BOSS PARTICLE + 3x31 + CALM ★★★ Finish your OT SHINY TENTACRUEL COMP by passing ALL EGG MOVES and Nature ★★★ LAST OFFER: 82m | 81m | 80m | shiny omastar 5x31 1x28 modest + 5m | 75m | 37RP | 65m 115m or will be sold by the highest bid until: Time Zone Convert
  7. Creditos imagem XMAS SCISSORS#5 [OU] TORNEIO [OU] NO FIM DE ANO NA SEVII FELIZ NATAL E ANO NOVO!!! Prêmio de 1º Lugar Scizor 5x31 Adamant MAIS DETALHES: https://bit.ly/seviitourou5
  8. Creditos imagem SOLID XMAS#4 [UU] TORNEIO [UU] NO FIM DE ANO NA SEVII FELIZ NATAL E ANO NOVO!!! Prêmio de 1º Lugar Rhyperior 4x31 Impish + 150k MAIS DETALHES: https://bit.ly/secii-tour-uu4
  9. creditos da imagem TOUR METRONOME#2 E o evento de captura e torneio de metronome VOLTARAM PARA O FINAL DE ANO NA SEVII FELIZ NATAL E ANO NOVO!!! PREMIAÇÃO EVENTO DE CATCH: Prêmio de 1º Lugar WHITE KITTY PARTICLE EFECT [...] PREMIAÇÃO DO TORNEIO DE PVP: Prêmio de 1º Lugar 550k Pokeyen [...] MAIS DETALHES: https://bit.ly/sevii-metronome2
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