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  1. I hope that when platinum comes out many new players will start playing to raise the value of the items :)
  2. what is the pokemon? there are pokemon that only evolve during a period of the day
  3. Vinland saga opening 1: Vinland saga ending 1:
  4. A question for old players. Has the price of limited items always behaved like this? as currently the price of the "boar hood" is 1m and the "White or black plaugue" have already dropped 1m from the original price. The "red dragon head"(seasonal item) is 900-1m had the price of the other limited items behaved like that too?
  5. Some function like the last used pokemon soul silver item, because it's annoying when I have to use a repeat ball/quick ball and they are at the bottom of the list: As Branni has already suggested to have the option to skip the riddles (perhaps with a teleporter at the unova dragon gym):
  6. Really the puzzles are boring I never re-matche the dragon gym in unova
  7. My question had already been answered in another topic but I had not found it until posting this topic sorry. mods can close this topic now. But it's good to know since the price of red dragon head has been devalued not only by her but some limited items as well but these are guaranteed to be limited. It's funny how a seasonal item that isn't available right now is priced below 1,000RP
  8. ex: - "Red Dragon head" next year will come back? as it is below the price of 1,000RP
  9. Is the pokemon level important? the pokemon should status problems(burn, paralize...) ? what is the additional percentage? the effect is stackable with items?
  10. Could not choose just an opening/ending, sorry follow the list:
  11. I watched this year danmachi and then danmachi Sword oratoria(spin off) and I loved it. also watched demon slayer was amazing
  12. discovering scared box functions

    "ctrl" + "click" in pokemon in the box

    I thought I had deleted my shiny gift kkkkkkkk

  13. I won the first badge https://postimg.cc/d78BYVyG
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