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  1. Team Name: SEVIIChampions Team Tag: [SêVí] Registered Players: MatsVictor, Polarizedd, JuniorPT, ButaleF, mercezin, Biqueta, Springgann, ImEnvy, Farayyy, DRPOKES, Pedroplcc, manuelgleyson, Losoned, PaGuui, victaosp, YoshinPvP, OliverXL, Clorokina, PSGLionelMessi, fenken Team Captain: Biqueta
  2. Legendary golden karp Really Legendary and I feel bad if I cross IVs to make comp
  3. For those who have a problem where the counter is not counting I found a solution, I went to check the screenshot that is generated when we click configure and the HP icon and it looks like this: I asked a friend to send me his "img_hp" and replace it and it worked. So you just go to the folder of the file "encounter_counter (3)" and enter the folder "ec_resources" and replace the "hp_img.png" with this image below: hp_img.png -> I don't know if it's something that is varying from system to system or if it stopped working at some point
  4. is there animation of the new particles will it take to come out?
  5. assim e se voces não comentaram o shiny capiturado nessa season no shiny showcase, postem lá o print para ganhar os pontos https://bit.ly/32rcKaW
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