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  1. there is a link to a spreadsheet below the image with the IVs, natures, moves details
  2. This is the image used, I replaced the default image present in the folder "themes\default\textures\pc-window.png"
  3. up, I accept Poke Yen or limited items or only event items up
  4. I sent you Rotom, be careful not to trust anyone like that sometimes people take advantage, use trade instead of mail and thank you o/
  5. I accept Poke Yen or limited items or only event items
  6. Rotom-Wash Calm + lv 50 + PP MAX all moves 1m (See moves, IVs, Evs, nature below the image is a link with a spreadsheet)
  7. 1.45m Jolly with Rising star PP MAX all moves 2m Naive with Rising star PP MAX(fire blast, quake, draco meteor)
  8. bronzor is solded Claydon 900k + slowbro 800k = 1.7m
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