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  1. Creditos imagem TOUR LITTLE CUP?#4 [LC] Prêmio de 1º Lugar Ponyta 5x31 Jolly + EVIOLITE Mais Detalhes: http://bit.ly/sevii-lc4
  2. it would be really cool to have this option it is sad to leave the brilliant in the box because there is no room for him
  3. putting this option to choose the item that will go to the pokémon in the box would be a good one because it would surprise some counter, and also avoid confusion because when using different items in different teams you have to keep changing the item that is unpleasant (some pokes of doubles and OU use different items)
  4. Yes for players who play in several tiers it ends up being little, I think that 2x or 3x for each tier would be nice leaving good team options to avoid counters
  5. stein;gate and stein;gate (spin off) are very good. the anime is focused on time travel
  6. this will be extremely difficult to monitor. the mechanics of normal events only say that the capitation entry must be at the time of the event, so it’s good to include and highlight this rule
  7. it is interesting, but will pheno hunting be allowed before the event starts and then when the event starts capturing the pokémon?
  8. I understand thank you @pachima and @gbwead. I was really more irritated because of this natural imbalance in NU, where these pokemons were not banned than with the ban on garchomp. but now I understand thanks
  9. got it, this is sad a question, if creating a new RU tier and playing these very strong pokemons there would solve?
  10. why is NU the way it is today? several very strong pokemons descended into the tier, generating an imbalance, where the pokemons that were used in NU before lost space in the middle there are so many strong pokemons. do you know if they will ban the rhyperior? it's enough for me to have to readjust the team, then I make the pokemon and ban it I made 2x garchomps 1 5x31 and another 6x31e banned
  11. Title: Angel of Death along with his companion "signpost for wandering sprits." IGN: MatsVictor
  12. if I knew that NU was like this it hadn't even started, I'm tired it seems that after sinno it turned into chaos
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