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  1. Honestly I liked the change at first, because I wasn't forced to use the amulet coin constantly, but I am starting to think they should have just removed it and added a static boost for everybody. Getting a competitive team in this game takes too long and by the looks of it, if you aren't doing OU, you aren't doing anything.
  2. Oh, my bad thanks for the clarifications.
  3. Used to be Plat 2 - Diamond 5 with OTP Poppy Support, stopped playing after some patches that nerfed underplayed supports last year.
  4. It was most likely a critical hit that didn't show a notification. Happens to me on a regular basis vs trainers. FYI E4 pokemon kind of cheat because they have boosted stats from what I see.
  5. I have been playing this for a few weeks now and I like all the changes. Berry farming and bit coin are no longer required by default, this also means that the price of amulet coins will settle in a few weeks anyway.
  6. No power creep please. I'd rather play the original games than suffer any form of legendaries and powercreep in PvP/PvE. Legendary followers sounds good though. :) I hope a new tier is added, if Hidden Abilities are enabled...
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