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  1. me vs roidedewok in 10min (OU)
  2. SenorMorty vs hannahtaylor saturday 6pm GMT +1
  3. OU tipsizdarkbey vs Kiwikidd 50k LC Stelian vs Lkrenz 50k UU Mkns vs Souu 100k NU SapphireStoneSSS vs Busso 200k
  4. fire blast instead fire fang bye bye skarmory ez
  5. IGN: SenorMorty Country: Canada Tiers: LC NU UU DUBS OU
  6. Name: SenorMorty Team: SIÂ Render/Character: Mienfoo Background (optional): whatever zebi
  7. Tournaments have increased of many players. Many new competitive players have come and also, the OU matchmaking is played a lot. We can train in other tiers only in tournaments. With thoses new players we can easily fill at least UU and NU matchmakings. For me, add thoses matchmakings will make other tiers easy to access.
  8. recommandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed 100%
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