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  1. Distinct Metronome Battle: Date and Time: Wednesday 18th December/ 17h UTC. Location: One Island, Pokemon Center Ch.1 Explanation: 3v3 Togepi Metronome Battle 30min time limit on matches Rules: - Only togepi allowed. - if you use an another move, the match is cancelled - PP max are recommended. Cashprize: 1st 1M 2st 400k 3st 150k Registration: Registrations are open now. No-Members DsT are accepted. Write your IGN.
  2. 30% is 1/21000 it raised alot
  3. hey blueclaire :) actually, if the donator status added 30% chance to find a shiny, it would be too pay2win imo. Donator status is for players who wants give help devs and raise their chances to find a shiny.
  4. yes it is commun sorry for double post lol
  5. lol bro 5x31 is for rich, make semi comps like 2x31 in importants stats and 28-29 in others stats
  6. Actually, ivs and evs are not important if you are good. But if you want play easily, you can catch with +20 in importants stats
  7. Ubers tier with legendaries is not important imo
  8. It's not the first time that a guy wants to see legendaries in PokeMMO. But after ? What will the legendaries do in PokeMMO ?
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