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  1. You can find lucky eggs on pelipper too i believe
  2. Nobody know when platinum will come except administrators
  3. Can you Screenshot thoses sprites?
  4. Yeah but a "season" is too short then. I think that every 2-3 months is better.
  5. https://pokemmo.eu/account_change_email/?local=fr
  6. Spanish : Como te llama ? English : What's your name ?
  7. You are just VERY unlucky lmao
  8. Yeah, of course, PokeMMO stay a MMO you can't get money without farm or without be lucky. This update make the lazy less rich and obliges them to farm.
  9. I'm agree but, the alumet farming is not very long if you are lucky... And if you don't want farming, you can buy it (30k). You can get ~250k from gyms leaders, and you can too beat the richs trainers. So, for me, it's not a bad update.
  10. The underground is not really important in the game so, i think it will be not implemented. *4G fans TRIGGERED*
  11. You can too beat the gyms leaders without amulet coins...
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