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  1. For those who already have these moves can u guys please share how did ur milotic learn that move.I know it's an egg move tho but what specific pokemons do i need to acquire those moves. Arigathanksss :)
  2. Where can i find the battle subway what city?sorry im new :D tia
  3. I bought chansey and according to a guide it's best to use eviolite on her for better walling but idk where i can get eviolite except in trade pls help.Tell me how or where can i exactly get this item.
  4. I googled it and it says i need 100% after that i need to lvl it up during the day.Is this true?Please help.Sorry im pretty new in pokemmo :(
  5. Thank you so much for suggesting!deeply appreciateddd :D
  6. Hi everyone im planning to evolve evee to espeon thats why pls suggest me a competitive moveset.thankss
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