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  1. I'm having an issue. When I go to the pokémart in Cerulean City to the Mega Evolution Stone NPC, it just goes black screen... Curious why it does this...
  2. I'm having no problem with my tablet's emulator. Its! My flashcart which I put the ROM on a microsd card and into a physical cartridge and put in my actual Nintendo Gameboy SP. I guess I need to get a better flashcart. I can still play the old Emerald Moemon created by Kingsven, but not this newer one on my flashcart. Edit: I just ordered a "EXSEK EZFlash Omega Cartridge Flash Cart" from Amazon. A bit expensive but way better that the one I was using from over 10 years ago, lol. Hopefully that will solve my game problems, so I can play this.
  3. I can't get this to play on my flashcart. It works in an emulator on my tablet after patching the ROM, but when I copy it to my flashcart, it shows up as a folder with the gba extension. Anyone know how to fix this? Because I really want to play this on my GbaSP. PS. By "this" I mean the Mega Moemon FireRed Edit: Crud... I re-patched a new ROM file for it, and my flashcart recognized it... Unfortunately it states "PSRAM is not enough" so I guess I'm gonna have to get a better flashcart... Or just play on my tablet in an emulator... Edit2: Even worse. I tried the Emerald version one, and it loads on my tablet, but my flash cart shows only a white screen... Just my luck... I need to get a better flash cart for my Gba SP, lol.
  4. When you say English, do you mean European, American, or both? Because I'm American English.
  5. @Raichu4u I actually like that idea better. It doesn't make it too powerful and if you make it an in-battle activation only item, it would make it a more riskier item as it would give the enemy a free shot at you.
  6. Personally I like the Amulet Coin. The issue I see is only really much of a problem wit high lvl players. At the start it is handy, as there are lvl caps in this game. So just mining the pokeyen with a high Ivl Pokemon seems kinda difficult at the start since the limit with the Amulet Coin has to be held by the Pokemon whom took place in a battle. I do like the idea about the non-stackable 25% passive and 50% on the consumable one, but to make it fair, make it to where the passive one does not work after the 4th gym badge. That way it doesn't leak into other regions too fast as u get it in the 3rd gym are in Pokemon black/white. I do feel the passive version can be bad for a controlled multi-player community, but nerfing it completely in a replacement of a consumable version can be iffy as well to. What's to say people who train via elite-4 with the consumable version battle them over and over and still make a profit due to the massive payout they give already? Still maybe a lvl caps on the passive one !at be a lil better without getting rid of it completely.
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