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  1. My ingame name is: EerieGrim My favourite pokemon is: Do I have to choose? XD Right now Galvantula and Stoutland On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: Finishing Unova and preparing my breeding pokes. My playtime ingame is: 20h I would like to join Team Läva because: Lava is the kind of team im certainly looking for. Not only has a bit of everything but it knows that real life exists and can be a pain xD Plus a lot of member it seems which is nice! I dont socialise a lot (maybe almost never >.>) in real life so this would be perfect :D This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: While I only have 20h of game play in Pokemmo I have been playing pokemon games since emerald so im not a newbie (i may have my moments xD) Ive also played a bit of every Pokemon online game I could get my hands on. I would love to be of any help if I can, testing comp teams, helping newbies, etc. Thank you very much for the opportunity! :D
  2. Ahh thats good to know xD thanks!
  3. ohhh thats quite neat!!! Thank you!
  4. Hello! So I just now noticed, Currently in Unova and been doing a lot of double battles, first was with some twins NPC and then on the tall dark grass. I noticed that I would only get EXP for the first pokemon I defeated and not from the second defeated. Is that a normal mechanic for PokeMMO or is it something else? Thank you!
  5. XD lololol his and historia kid? (if theory is true xD)
  6. Thanks! I have no idea what could have possibly gone wrong but after exiting the game a couple times when the error was occurring i never had the error again? Im all the way on rustboro city now and no more errors going in and out of buildings... xD I guess if it shows up again then will change the rom
  7. So it seems every time i go inside the starter house or go from the upstairs room back to the ground floor, the house goes black and it says there is possible rom corruption :S
  8. Hi! So i created my character and started in Hoenn. Mother character came to talk and then lead me inside the house where everything turned black (but chat and all other tabs were visible) and a message showed up saying that maybe a Rom was corrupted? Is it possible to know from this if its a specific Rom or do I have to re download from another source all the optional roms? PS: I exited the game and came back and it was back to working... so no idea xD Thank you!
  9. oh my oh my ye. Im just sitting and hoping (for anime only do not read)
  10. Ahhh I ave it installed on my C: drive under Program files x86. The installer had a different automatic location and i changed it to that so maybe it tried to save it in a place with the permissions?
  11. So i downloaded the shiny follower with gen 5 mod and the Real cry mod and every time i check them a pop up appears saying the game must be restarted but at the bottom another faded pop up shows a message saying: Error Saving Configuration and after I restart the game and go back to mod management the mods do not have the green check (so i assume they are not currently on, unless im in error with that thought) Maybe im doing something wrong xD Do i leave the mods in the mods folder as Zip or do i have to unzip them?
  12. hello! I have no idea if I can ask this in this forum but since ive found this i just cant decided where to go or how to choose the best Mod. Anyone using Mods that they would recommend and that are working well? Im looking mostly for mods that have to do with Pokemon following you, sprites and if it exists a mod that makes the game better or cleaner game play? (sorry if the last request is a bit weirdly phrased? not native english speaker and had trouble expressing what im looking for xD ) Thank you and sorry if im asking this on the wrong place!
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