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  1. Same thing happened to me, I could log out and log back in to escape it.
  2. To be fair there aren't any double battles because pokemmo can't seem to combine 2 trainers into one double battle, but she basically never shows that she has pokemon in the forest.
  3. on 14441 the names have been fixed with the ui scaling but text boxes from npcs are still floating in the upper right.
  4. it's 100 without the first badge too
  5. if lucas' piplup gets the kill you don't gain exp
  6. I'm not sure if this was intended or not Edit: it is
  7. she talks but then no menu pops up.
  8. https://zyga.feen.us/7rb5a4ycl0.png it's only happening sometimes about 75% of the time it drops by a single stage, I don't think this is intentional
  9. yeah I had mine on 1.5 good catch @Shu changing it to 1.0 fixed it
  10. Doesn't work with the PC either, it probably is broken everywhere a menu is.
  11. Controller also doesnt work in the pokemart.
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