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  1. Hi, so this suggestion might be a bit out there but I thought I'd post it anyways. I find myself often browsing through the GTL looking for market opportunities since I'm pretty new to the game, and often need to check what sells well to make some money or know where to invest. People tell me "just berry farm" but I'd love to have a way to analyze data. Making this available ingame would be a pain in the ass and a huge project I never see realized, but would it be possible to have an API which makes the last hour/day/more? of GTL transactions available? The programming for visualization and analysis could be done by the community here, with all the filtering and querying happening on other servers once they build their databases. For the people who don't immediately see the advantages of this: - think of stock market charts: you could see the average prize of a certain pokemon sold, as well as check the stats for each transaction so you know what your 3x31 IV you just caught can be worth on the market without guessing and wasting $1k and 20 days of waiting - we could check Item and Pokemon demands - right now all you see is offer, which tells you for instance that a huge load of blue pokeblock plus is being sold, but not that they also sell the best (I would assume) for the sole reason of Milotic - For competitive, we would gain insight into meta trends by what people buy a lot of (and probably breed) - you could benchmark your recent sales to see if you wasted money - the community could provide historical data of trades which PokeMMO already pruned for later reference I am pretty sure PokeMMO keeps a database (or huge xml file) of transactions, if only for triggering events like Mail containing the pokemon in case of a full box and safety in case of severe server lag or faulty transactions in order to roll them back and re-imburse players. I am very well aware this is a huge request. I am a huge fan of the GTL feature since it's everything pokemon ever needed, and much better than ingame. If you want a mockup of what kind of site I personally have in mind, I could do with ~100 rows of old transaction data for a test version since I know some PHP.
  2. hi, I've been following Moemon since 2013 and while scraping around old bookmarks found a link to a japanese project with some gijinka designs for the first 493 pokemon (so up to sinnoh) https://www4.atwiki.jp/hitec/pages/383.html#グライオン you select the dex-number range on the left, then you have the japanese names on the right. thought it could be inspiration for spriters, I sadly have zero artistic talent whatsoever. Edit: I can delete this if it's known already, didn't find the link in the search.
  3. Hi, so I noticed that Hoenn has lots of places where two trainers see you at the same time - usually this would lead to a double battle. Many of those at Lilycove Gym. Would it be possible to get this in MMO as well? It sucks a lot of fun out since all of them only come with one pokemon - in RS I think this was a limitation since even Tate and Liza only had two pokes. Since I thought this question would've been bound to pop up in this forum i tried searching for "emerald doubles" and "hoenn double", both leading to multiple pages of not what I expected
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