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  1. Initially, I wanted to make a offensive voltturn team but there aren't many great voltturn cores on pokemmo so I made it semi-stally with scizor jolteon for some momentum. My plan was to use chansey skarmory to stall against offensive team and using toxic, stealth rock+whirlwind to wear it down. Against stall team, I would target its hazer and setup with bulky offense gliscor or reuniclus but since gliscor doesn't get poison heal, it's not going to fit this role.
  2. Ok maybe they have their uses but I'm using reuniclus and gliscor to sweep thinking they'll be immune to statuses.. Sand veil is not useful for my comp. Any replacement?
  3. What?!? Sand veil and hyper cutter are useless =.=" Is it still worth using gliscor?
  4. My first try at making a comp, let me know if you see any weakness or ways to improve it.
  5. I'm interested in the dark + fighting + psycho + ferro + sala team. How should I decide which to lead? Do u need 2 defog or will whirlwind/roar be better? Is 0 speed brave conkeldurr better for this team since there's trick room? And thanks for this guide, really helps a lot for people just starting PvP.
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