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  1. Whats the draw date. i feel like that should definitely be in the post.
  2. Hey im wondering if there is anything/if it is possible to remove the ground the pokemon stand on, i would like my battle completely transparent... i can remove the backgorund with settings, but the ground they stand on stays.. Is there a mod or can can anyone let me know what files i need to tweek (and how) to remove these images. With the switch graphics mod there and a few things that clip into the floor (pokeballs, mons etc) so would be nice to remove the floor. Thanks in advance!
  3. wish i knew this before i just bought 2m in tms to flip. fml.
  4. Whats more concerning for people who are thinking about money is... people constantly trying to undercut each other on envelopes, eventhough they will 100% at the price listed before. luckies were 100k and now 60k This happens with all similar events and its sad for those who are farming. If one doesnt like the GTL price, the giftshop price is stable.
  5. a winning strat should be a winning strat, why is that so hard for you people to understand?
  6. Congratulations. I've had serval in row, hense the post.
  7. Again. Read the post. "Its sad that im forced to play a certain way for a certain amount of turns to ensure i make some sort of progress in the rewards system... if its a winning strat it should pay off. end of story" This includes set ups moves quiver dance and cosmic power.
  8. Incorrect. Only if U have made a kill. Please read my post before commenting
  9. Not true about punishment Only if they force close the game. And that's not what I'm talking about. They can look at your match up. Switch spreading out dmg so no one is killed then quit because they don't like Ur party. This post in concerning BP and MP. I don't care about score, ELO, ranking, the leader board, etc. I want match making points and BP, The the stuff I'm actually gridring for, please read and understand the post before commenting
  10. Words are strung together very differently. There as alot of letter combination bus both languages that are not in the other. English generally has more letter in the case is vowels. Eg your "EA" "ee" "ey" English uses letter combinatios and from what I can tell in Spanish, each letter is pronounced and has one sound like Greek. I'm glad someone agrees with me.
  11. So i feel that pokemmo needs a language detection function that switches users to the correct language channel. Not to point the finger or anything but to give an example from my experiences: The Bilingual Spanish speaking community are gross offenders of speaking spanish in the english channel. Asking them to switch (even telling them how with /lang es) is met with rudeness and down right abuse like "shut the fuck up" I feel that auto switching language detection would: Save moderators time Make language channels seamless Save player frustration in sifting through other languag
  12. Thanks for everything rod, we will miss you. hope you havea great one man :D
  13. no that went to his team :p
  14. Highly recommendable!!!! And she's a lovely person to boot too!!
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