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  1. If you enjoy the game just do it
  2. Unless you have a lot of money or time to get pokemon buffed I guess but you probably need like 5m (around 500-750k) just to get good enough high stats pokemon trained with good moves to compete
  3. like what most of the games have little to no interesting post game until gen 4
  4. E4 does he mean Elite 4?
  5. I want to teach it drill run but you can get tm and cant do move tutor in platinum any way to get it in other versions?
  6. no idea how it happened I think I had a pokemon with flash it allowed me to go through fantina's gyym puzzle with ease
  7. My game keep crashing since the update today is there some problem or did I get a bad Rom hack that screwing up MMO client ? Also weird glitch I got Togepi egg from cynthia I lagged out when I came back my egg hatched even though I walked less than 100 steps
  8. I'm doing this run for first time any tips like battle xp and good teams to look for?
  9. What's the point though legendaries are banned aren't they with exception to Valcorona (for some reason)
  10. Hey so I started playing Emerald recently and I noticed that I can't replay any of the leaders which I believe is possible and also even though I got pokenav it's not in my key items bag and even though I collect multiple trainers numbers I still can't replay them. I have played Gold/Silver usually pokenav your friends usually call you up once a week is it changed for emerald version?.
  11. which pokemon got amulet coin? i already got thief from Aqua grunt both hoenn and unova (currently unlocked)
  12. Berry chart needs a Legend how the heck am I supposed to know what colour means what seed?
  13. Still more questions When you say very/plain is it spicy bitter or sour? what about watering how often to water?
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