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  1. I finished it yesterday, it's great.
  2. Shop closed for now. I really don't feel like logging in. Will surely reopen but idk when.
  3. Little Update. I will be way slower than before as of now. I want to focus a bit more on my life and also other stuff like reading, movies and shows so I do not count on me for a fast training. I won't give approximation or anything of the sort but for real, do not expect me to get your mons ready quickly. @Leviatharian your order will still be completed tomorrow morning.
  4. @kloneman, @Etozuri & @Leviatharian
  5. Wrong section mate, please post here.
  6. Welcome to my shop! Training Services:
  7. I do not agree with him but he is playing the game. Just saw him a few minutes ago while eving.
  8. It's only my opinion but if you feel like PokeMMO's storyline is too hard, maybe the game is just not meant for you and it's perfectly fine, no game can or will please everyone. I feel like the staff wants to bring the game towards a more difficult post-story in the future and you can't really have that much separation of difficulty between both parts. I also think that the story is easy if you have played the vanilla games, know a bit about team composition, like types & stats (not even "hardcore" PvP teambuilding) and take the time to level your team to the level cap before each new gyms and the Elite Four.
  9. I feel like the current difficulty is more "normal" then "impossible". Also, I feel like you should not be able to have an easier way. Maybe a choice for a harder E4 and greater rewards could be an idea but I don't feel like making things easier will truly help anyone grow as a player. Just my opinion though.
  10. If you need anything else, just contact me! Enjoy your Kingdra :)
  11. Hi @Millennium, I am available tonight. IGN: Vicanhson
  12. Characters who have met ALL of the following criteria have been deleted:  Not online for at least 6 months Less than 6 hours' played time Less than $25,000 money Have no shinies on the character Have no party members level 50 or higher Account has not ever donated This is the last prune done by staff that is public. It was done in the 13/08/2018 update and can be found here for those who are interested in knowing more:
  13. Feelings are not facts. It's true that some players have negative views about this update but others see it as a positive change. I do not think that the admins change things on a whim like you suggest. They seems to know their game and even though they can be wrong, just like all of us, they try to enhance the economy & the experience for the majority of players in the long term. It can make people unhappy in the short therm because they have to change the way they play but it's for the best.
  14. Amulet Coin is now a (+50% Money / 1 hour) charm type Will this work also for Payday or only NPC?
  15. Stop dramatizing this update. Yes it will take adaptation but it's not all bad.
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