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  1. By that logic, all drugs that are advertised on let's say the TV are fine? I say TV because public channels have rules and they do have ads mentioning drugs that can be considered harmful. Some even promote them.
  2. I started Why Women Kill last week on CBS All Access and even tho it has not aired all episodes of the first season yet, I feel good saying that it's a great show.
  3. Hey, welcome to the game! You should start by looking at the club section here if you are looking for a team. Wishing you the best on your PokeMMO journey!
  4. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.
  5. Pokemon won in official events are gifts, which means that they are untradeable. Unless stated otherwise in a particular event.
  6. I finished it yesterday, it's great.
  7. I do not agree with him but he is playing the game. Just saw him a few minutes ago while eving.
  8. It's only my opinion but if you feel like PokeMMO's storyline is too hard, maybe the game is just not meant for you and it's perfectly fine, no game can or will please everyone. I feel like the staff wants to bring the game towards a more difficult post-story in the future and you can't really have that much separation of difficulty between both parts. I also think that the story is easy if you have played the vanilla games, know a bit about team composition, like types & stats (not even "hardcore" PvP teambuilding) and take the time to level your team to the level cap before each new gyms and the Elite Four.
  9. I feel like the current difficulty is more "normal" then "impossible". Also, I feel like you should not be able to have an easier way. Maybe a choice for a harder E4 and greater rewards could be an idea but I don't feel like making things easier will truly help anyone grow as a player. Just my opinion though.
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