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  1. i just put the music mod in the themes folder without knowing it was a music mod and there was a theme link
  2. now you say it, this is a good idea, but it might be hard to.
  3. no wait, i solved it, i had the gen 5 follower sprites.
  4. you should update this, it only appears normal pokemon for me
  5. puedes hacer un mod de musica de OR/AS para la region de hoenn? you can do a OR/AS music mod for hoenn region
  6. thanks, now i hate all who haves a shiny. just kidding lmao
  7. can do not fail a attack? i made something wrong capturing it? his moveset: Counter Same destiny (used translator) Sacred Veil (translator again) Mantle Mirror (translator again x2) Level: 28 PS EVS: 0 ATTACK EVS: 0 DEFENSE EVS: 1 SP. ATK EVS: 0 SP. DEF EVS: 0 SPEED EVS: 1 2/510 PS IVS: 11 ATTACK IVS: 23 DEFENSE IVS: 1 SP. ATK IVS: 31 SP. DEF IVS: 31 SPEED IVS: 27 124/186 welp, bye.
  8. just release all your pokémon, start a new region, say that you are [email protected], use a maid clothes, search a boyfriend and go f*ck yourself r/woosh! now you have your jumpeon shiny, legendary perfect ivs and evs, lv999999999999999999999999, try it! :DDDD now im out.
  9. when platinum is released? 

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