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  1. For instance, if two guys are linked, wild fights and trainer fights are now double etc.
  2. why not use that same code to allow for no reject dueling elsewhere
  3. Enthymema

    Atm card

    sometimes youre at the mart lol, or better yet, at the pc, and don't actually feel like claiming it
  4. If we could remove avatar tags from the display I feel it'd improve the immersion of the game a lot.
  5. A zone where we could fight a variety of high leveled, preferably rarely seen, fully evolved pokemon, along with No-Rejection dueling (As long as their highest lvlled pokemon is near yours) would be amazing. It'd be fun post-game content, as well as provide a sense of risk and adventure. It'd also let PVPers have more in-game fun rather than feeling limited to metagameplay. For those familiar, I think the best comparison would be Runescape wilderness. Camping entrances to these zones may have to be avoided in some way but this could probably dealt with. Gangs of trainers may be an issue, but similar to Runescape, I feel avoiding these gangs would be part of it.
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