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  1. Cosica

    Vanity Thread

    A couple of new ones. By the way, if you need the hair layers by themselves, just ask. Item slot: Hair (Female - It's a sort of proper, elegant hair, with blunt edges. Not sure what to call it... Miko? As well as long Twintails.) By the way, if you're worried about having too many of the same styles, a solution would be to add categories. For example, Hair > "category" (like feathered, twintails, etc.) > Choose hair (twintails 1, twintails 2, etc.)
  2. Cosica

    Vanity Thread

    Here's another one. Kind of complex, but I think it turned out alright. Item slot: Hair (Female - Feathered, aka that one cool 70's - 80's hair style)
  3. Cosica

    Vanity Thread

    Getting a bit more comfortable working with the Pokemon sprites. Item slot: Hair and Head (Female - Bobbed... Not sure what it's called, and Bow/Ribbon)
  4. Cosica

    Vanity Thread

    I made a separate thread requesting purchasable hair from marts in game; 'wigs', or a barber NPC as they suggested there. Said person also suggested I request that here, so here I am. Anyway, I made one too. The manliest hairstyle of them all. Item slot: Hair (Male - Pompadour)
  5. This is a request to add 'wigs' to the various marts for purchase though. I haven't seen anything like that in game. I'll have a look at that thread too later.
  6. I've been wondering about adding a new customisation category for 'hair', or 'wigs', or whatever you wanna call it in game, so that you can buy those along with the other things you can buy at some stores. I can do pixel art too, so if there's some template for player sprites and profile sprites, maybe I can help out somehow with something.
  7. Ok, thanks. I'll read tomorrow since it's late for me currently. To respond to you though, Like I said earlier, casual players won't be doing any of that anyway, so it won't matter for them whether it's turned on or off, and pretty much all competitive players would keep it off anyway. Though I guess no amount of complaints will change anyone's mind. If it is possible, which I am pretty sure it still is with some tweaking, why not hold a public vote so players can decide? Until that day comes, if ever, have fun, and thanks anyway. Good day/night.
  8. Well, balancing aside, it doesn't make player interaction less worth it. Think of it as a special event, kinda like in Gen 1 when you fight Green at the end of the game, and the animations are switched back on automatically.
  9. I covered that in my OP. Turn them off for Random battles and NPC interactions, but just let the animations play out normally during Player interactions.
  10. Because of people not wanting to have it off being at a disadvantage? I'm not sure how that's a problem. Pretty much all competitive players will turn it off, while casual players might keep it on, and typically, these players play at their own individual pace and don't interact much, if at all.
  11. Hello. I'd like to request an option to turn the battle intro camera panning/Pokeball throwing, and animations for moves off, please. If they are on due to player interactions and such, then a solution to that would be to turn them off for NPC trainer interactions/random battles only.
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