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  1. Hi, I'd really appreciate some elucidation regarding n.13: which methods for increasing happiness are implemented? I know leveling up and the rival's sister work, but I noticed that keeping a pokemon in party while fighting a gym leader didn't increase happiness, like in the original games, even if participating to the battle. Sorry if this question has been already asked, but after quite a bit of searching, I couldn't find what I was looking for.
  2. Ben11

    New Box options

    Yeah, I know... I eventually gave up and ordered my boxes so that they contain 2 (primary) types of pokemon, like Grass and Bug pokemon being in box 1, while I retain 3 of them for teams, breed-able pokemon and sell-able pokemon. So newly captured pokemon go all in line in box 1, just after bug pokemon... I think it was... And it would be quite useful in PokeMMO, actually.
  3. Ben11

    New Box options

    I'm reviving a little this discussion since I realized there's a search option that I think is much needed: search a pokemon who knows a specific attack, in advanced search for GTL. You can already do this (sort of) in box search, but we have no means to search a pokemon with a specific attack on the GTL, as far as I know. Personally, I'd really use such a filter a lot. (Note that I'm not talking about a search mechanic like the one existing for boxes, where when you type it marks pokemon having also attacks, abilities or natures containing the letters you typed, but rather an actual filter in advanced search, like the nature and tier ones). I know this discussion started off with box options, but it also expanded, so I thought it would have been better to stick with this thread, rather then starting a new one, for order purposes. I'd also like to know what staff thinks about the suggestions and needs that this thread is pointing out.
  4. Ben11

    Quick Wishlist

    - That's also my first one. Like: me and a friend battling against two more friends. 2) Read the bug reports for moves/abilities. There's plenty of moves/abilities to be fixed and most definitely change back effects/mechanics of abilities like Synchronize, Pickup, etc to their original values/mechanics. There is no point in having them implemented if there isn't any actual difference if we use them or not :-( 3) Finish implementing regions (like Hoenn's Battle Frontier) Thanks for asking us :D
  5. Hi, everybody. I know this thread is a little bit old and the main answers were given, but I didn't want to start a different thread since this one's still open and the content would have been similar. I understand what the current condition is, but I wanted to ask @Matoka for a few more elucidations about what was explained here. 1) Sorry, I know you kind of explained this already, but it still is a bit unclear to me: by "match-fixing" you mean the act of creating a group that allows for a certain degree of control on players you'll be facing? And if that's the case, would it be an issue that big for UU and NU, considering how low the demand for those formats (sadly) is? 2) As for the actual number of online players required in order to start matchmaking, is that amount known? Because I was thinking that one thing that could be tried, independently from the previous question, would be to adjust the threshold for UU and NU matchmaking, not that much that it could be a problem, but just as an experiment, to see if "niche" categories need to be managed differently than the "mainstream" one. Of course I'm saying that without any knowledge of the numbers, so I'd understand if what I suggest could be unfeasible. I guess that pushing the NU and UU matchmaking buttons is becoming less and less frequent, even for people interested in those matches, also because everyone knows that is quite pointless to even try. At this point the only way would be to manage to recreate a smaller group of players for UU/NU that will than expand, but those few players have few means to find each other, and none at all to turn their private battles into a core of trainers that is not independent from the official matchmaking: that hypothetical group would be invisible, since those would all be private battles, that will not even provide BP. Thanks in advance for the answers. I hope that these considerations will help to find some solution to revive all formats.
  6. I won't start arguing on those topics, I'll just politely ask you not to speak for all people or any people unless those people explicitly say they share your point of view, thank you.
  7. Yup, that works perfectly. I'll try a similar solution for the description texts. True. Of all the solutions I've found to make my old theme work, none of them were in guides I've read. Many of those guides are either old and no longer valid, because now organization and files in the theme folders are a bit different, or they just don't solve the problem, sadly.
  8. From what I know, unless your pokemon has the "Guts" ability, the burn status will still lower your attack. Note though that it seems that all moves in PokeMMO are updated to their GenVI power, accuracy and effects, and in GenVI Facade ignores burn's attack reduction, so I guess you're in luck and you get the power boost after all ;)
  9. Me too: I can't use my favorite theme anymore, because of a few problems I don't know how to solve (first of all 0, 31 and 252 IV values not showing up). Also, description text of items and moves doesn't show up either. Would be nice if someone more experienced could advice on what files those things could depend on.
  10. 1) I totally agree on the fact that perfect IVs are not needed, as a matter of fact, paradoxically none of the pokemon I train for competitive has a single 31. I'm really creative too, both for pokemon species and movesets, which are all original. 2) What I mean by "all pokemon become the same" is that almost all players not only copy the sets they use from the Internet, but also breed to have perfect IVs, thus removing any kind of individual variability, (which is actually the original purpose of the IV mechanic in the first place); example: if 2 Kingdras both have same moves, nature, EV spread and even IVs, there's no difference remaining between the two of them. 3) I don't blame the game for what is a player's fault, I didn't mean that. What I meant is that in PokeMMO was given the players the chance of having perfect breeding in the first place, probably to please the fanbase, but that's something that was never possible in the original games (as a matter of fact, in Nintendo they actually took all preventative measures to avoid the offspring could inherit from parents more than one IV value in a manner that is directly controlled by the player). To balance the fact that perfect breeding is possible in PokeMMO, as opposed to the original games, they thought to make the daycare man keep the parents, in order to avoid one player could easily obtain many pokemon with multiple 31 IVs, so that in order to do that, more grinding and money would be required. Thing is, people just go sick for all-31s-pokemon and breed, buy and sell them at a still impressive rate, meaning that changing the breeding mechanics didn't solve the problem, which, in turn, we wouldn't be facing at all if not for another previous change of breeding mechanics. I hope my explanation isn't too contorted and that it cleared that misunderstanding out. I just didn't want to create a wall of text in my previous post, but it seems it needed to be done. If that wasn't clear enough, I believe that online pokemon encyclopedias like bulbapedia should have pages about how the actual breeding mechanic works in pokemon games.
  11. While the game can be appealing for new players, I find nothing's there for after-story. I liked the idea of a Pokemon MMO, but if I have to simply finish the storyline, wouldn't I be better off with the original games? PokeMMO has lots of problems long from being addressed: -They want to introduce new regions (and I'd love Sinnoh and Johto), but they didn't even finished implementing the old ones; -No Battle Frontier; -No tag battle 2Pvs2P (how many times did we ask for that?); -Overworld and NPC animations both have problems, but nobody ever even answer me for bug reports about moves/battle/overworld/characters; -Updates only add those stupid and worthless vanities we'd all be better off without; -Idiotic choices brought (as I already said multiple times) to the point where not even competitive play is fun. Among those problems I'll report again only the "perfect breeding" system and everything it causes (sick mechanics for breeding and all pokemon become the same in the end); -They screwed with core items, mechanics, NPC rewards/gifts and moves; - No UU or NU PvP battles: in the end, even if I always use non-OU pokemon, I always end up seeing the same 15 pokemon every single time, out of more than 500 out there; I could go on but I think I made the point. Now I often pass months without even connecting: I'm still here only for pokemon I trained and to use them in battle with my friends, but that apparently is worth nothing, since all in all what @razimove said is true: people now just play vanityMMO. I love the fact that PokeMMO exists, and I thank the devs for their work; what I want to do is just warn them that PokeMMO is getting away both from being a Pokemon game and from being a MMO.
  12. Well, actually I would like follower sprites to stick a little bit more to their supposed size. Obviously huge sprites would be a problem, but I think a compromise should be taken into consideration. Just not to have Pikachu-size Steelix. Not insanely big. Just a little. :)
  13. Ben11

    New Box options

    That's exactly what I'd love, particularly the X x 31 part. Also for stats different from 31, so that one could sort out pokemon with a minimum IV treshold in a number of stats, without being extremely specific in what stats they should be. That would save the time of countless search tries in both BOX and GTL, proving useful for selling, as you said, and for easy breeding. (I usually aim to get powerful pokemon with 1 to 5 crossbreeds, without them being all perfect 6x31. I don't know if I'm the only one who does that, so can't be sure if it would help somebody else too).
  14. Ben11

    New Box options

    An "automated sort option" would be very nice, actually. It would save a lot of time!
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