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  1. Ben11

    New Box options

    That's exactly what I'd love, particularly the X x 31 part. Also for stats different from 31, so that one could sort out pokemon with a minimum IV treshold in a number of stats, without being extremely specific in what stats they should be. That would save the time of countless search tries in both BOX and GTL, proving useful for selling, as you said, and for easy breeding. (I usually aim to get powerful pokemon with 1 to 5 crossbreeds, without them being all perfect 6x31. I don't know if I'm the only one who does that, so can't be sure if it would help somebody else too).
  2. Ben11

    New Box options

    An "automated sort option" would be very nice, actually. It would save a lot of time!
  3. This is one of those decisions that will not solve preexisting problems but rather create bigger ones to be solved, as always, with less-than-optimal measures, to say it kindly. In a Pokemon game where there is no real post-game (stuff not yet implemented, like most of the Battle Frontier) and people just go around grinding, some of the most important items get just straightly killed. So yeah, it is that massive, because sooner or later people will realize that there is no further reason to keep playing an MMO where you have absolutely nothing more to do compared to any other game, an MMO where all you can do is grinding and you get stripped of what you got every single time. And by the way, messing with the Amulet Coin was really mean, especially since it hits harder players who started playing more recently, and realized that without the (still poor) help of the amulet coin, one cannot even afford pokeballs once reached the next town. In a Pokemon game!
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