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  1. Nice guide dude, ill try it! im burned with gym rematch
  2. ask for the same? is there a market for this? I even have comps from that time
  3. i agree, the puzzles are annoying af, i only do kanto hoeen
  4. Anyone can update? was a good mod or any mod with good Typhlosion sprite
  5. Thanks for amazing tool, very useful and save time to search page after page in wikidexs πŸ˜„ ! kudos man
  6. Hi! thanks , very nice for my eyes :D , i have little problems with instalation but with your last pic how put the files , its works fine :D Gracias !
  7. Kingdra Shiny + Sceptile Shiny gen 3 :D Kawaii, what pokes are?
  8. +1 Completely agree !, i really need 2ΒΊ idea, always need to open bowser and use control+f and give me a terrible lag xD chrome + pokemmo :/
  9. thanks for te guide, i take a great risk to breed my Houndoom in the last 5x31, i have only 6% to get HP Grass, i pray our lord helix and my Doom get HP :D
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