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  1. I've been around, but mostly playing Temtems! It's been fun AF <3

  2. Reddit has been on FIRE today talking about these bootleg animations. And yeah... gotta say... even though the game "only" has 2-3 animations per character, the point literally IS that they're incredibly quality. For "just" 3ish animations per set, they're freakin solid. They're incredibly full of life and feel so vibrant. It feels so fleshed out and ALIVE. This is what the upcoming generation should be :">. 



  3. Can some edits be made here, because I feel like there is a crucial step missing, with all due respect of course!? I make art as a form of my living elsewhere, it's cool to see people editing all this art/concepts together for these rad signatures, but remember to LINK these images you guys are using. You went through all these steps, but after going through it twice I didn't even see you link the stuff you used in your tutorial (though I'm a knob and I might have skimmed by it). Obviously even if artists "don't like you using their content" like this, they can't expressly stop you every single time without "finding you" in the vast internet, then filing a DMCA which is more hassle than it's worth. Such is the way of the vast and powerful amalgamation that is "the internets" and they generally know that, however linking back to the sources you're using allows other people to appreciate it :"D. Especially if they want to, god forbid, follow the blog/user/tumblord/etc and possibly donate a dollar or two. It may rustle a few jimmies, but a fair number of you charge for your efforts to make these signatures and slap them together, but not necessarily noting where you're getting all the content you're using which kinda bites the hand that feeds so to speak :"). It's kinda important and super worth supporting the folks that make the assets you're using. They're the kinda the type of folks makin the game we're all enjoying and it's worth making sure the art folks are finding is getting resourced and proper bumps like it deserves! No hate or anger, this is a great step by step, but it's equally important we like, hold each other up as art bros. Link sources, they are really important and pretty stuff is worth sharing. ESPECIALLY for a tutorial.
  4. I saw your signatures and art on the forums, your content is really inspiring and genuinely really good <3. 

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