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  1. I have a 3x31 Mudkip that was going to be 5x31 back when I stopped playing
  2. What's the easiest Pokemon to breed to a pokemon with 5x31 or 6x31?
  3. Personally, I also like the KotH style of catching these legendaries, although I haven't tried it yet I personally think of the dex entries as like trophies, as they have absolutely no value at all, but exist to commemerate a achievment
  4. this is annoying https://www.imgur.com/a/wp99g4N (for some reason i cant add imgur pics)
  5. where would amulet coin be found as a recurring item?
  6. i think they just increase the chance that chanseys hold it idk though
  7. So I'm in the middle of the story, with all of the regions, and I feel like I'm at a road block with all of them. I have decided to grind EXP until I can beat the gyms that I'm stuck on. Currently I most often do horde battles in Diglett's Cave in Kanto. Any trainers or place to train in would be nice
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