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  1. Because I have seen nothing on these forums about how to use a theme on mac I have figured it out on my own. So first you need to open up the mod folder, you then go to view and press the "show path bar" after this you go back to the data folder, then themes folder, and finally but your downloaded theme into there, you then go to interface and themes, and finally choose your theme you've downloaded. I made this post because i have not seen a guide anywhere else, I hope this helps
  2. Well it isn't that certain computers have certain files, PokeMMO uses them, which means that the computer doesn't read them, PokeMMO does. you download the zip/rar (download the unarchiver if you don't have it already, helps with opening files that macs wouldn't normally be able to) of the gui/theme, then do what i said above put it in, you may have to restart PokeMMO I'm not sure, then you open settings, ingame or at the menu go to interface and click theme, then obviously click the theme option at the top and choose whichever theme you want. (Also because I don't see any guides on here i'm p
  3. Just search up Gui or theme in the search bar, find one that's cool and do what i said earlier. if you can't find one, rip
  4. I actually figured it out not long after this, you have to open up the mod folder, show path bar, and go to the data folder. From there, you open the themes folder and add your theme you downloaded into there. obviously go to settings and interface, change it and ta-da! Somewhat long process but it works. (i added my own image to a theme)
  5. How do you, if you can add themes to pokemmo on mac, i have seen nothing on these forums or any videos. If anyone knows please explain it to me.
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