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  1. Once again, you missed the point. There are no horde battles in kanto or hoen from what I know, unless I'm wrong there, I clearly stated that older gens that had that feature, should still retain it And you argue speeding each battle by 2s will skew the economy of the game? And each and every possible battle with be horde battles? I'd say that's improbable at the least, and my earlier statement still stands on that - Regading contributor getting 25% extra exp, which equates to a quarter of less grind needed, that's somehow insignificant? How exactly? If it really matters so little why don't we all get maybe once a month, boosted 25% exp? I'll answer that, since that 25% exp is an incentive for contributing, which in turns boosts progress. Once again, trading does no co-relate to that in anyway. Lastly we can all theorymon, but without stat's or objective numbers, don't say "doing xy = breaks the game", since the mechanic im talking about used to already exists.
  2. For backstory, I initially had a question regarding battle Animations, which I asked yesterday, where I was thankful for the initial quick reply, but that very easily deviated with today's reply. Anyways, this is my suggestion and some logical fallacy I've already seen on my short time here, not a hate post, but an attempt at some constructive feedback 1: Why did I ask about animation? - Since the fire red version of pokemon i grew up with had that feature, and i just wanted quicker battles 2: Well what's the issue, why make this? - Since others decided to turn that old thread into a "why it's fair to not to have battle animation", which let me remind you was never the purpose of the thread. Shoving their own justifications down then locking it, lead to this 3: What's the argument then? - None, I just thought the PvE, at least kanto or other regions should retain disabling battle animation, if the purpose of this game mod was to preserve the original games. Lastly, one of the admins argued "Having players stop animations to hunt faster and progress through the storyline or farm for money, pokes, etc quicker is not what we want to have occur. This is a massively online world where everyone playing is contributing to the world in some way including the economy of the server." and basically implied that it" skewed the game's economy" which it wouldn't and locked the thread with "your opinion is duly noted and we keep our stance" and some "fair play" jargon. Anyways, my points remain, if the purpose of this mod was to be faithful to the original games, disabling battle Animations is only fair, and it does not, in any meaningful way lead to farming abuse/insane progression boost as they're falsely suggesting. If you will suggest that, I'll want some stat's or any objective info to back that up next time please. Maybe server usage and playtime charts, or anything to prove that, not a blank statement. I remember playing fire red in a game boy sp, and took me 60+ hours to get 20 pokemons to 60-70 with disabled animation. Levelling is more complex, and level differences play a major factor into it 4: Why tag the admin part? - An admin suggested, pokemmo does everything to keep a level playing field. Which is false. You can pay for 25% extra exp, which is very much the definition of profiting people that pay, by offering incentives to speed up game progress. This obviously puts non paying players at a disadvantage, as they will take 25% longer to level up pokemons. Once again, if you really want fair and equality, all the shop should be monetising is visual items, that have visual effects only and does not alter player progression within the game. Others can also choose to pledge to support packs where the money goes into server costs, rather than offering increased Exp. This invalides the fair play spiel which I see thrown around 5. So can you sum it up? - Gladly, my original point was, "can i disable battle Animations on non pvp games?" the answer was no. However others got on board and added some fair play spiel, which was unnecessary to begin with. Anyways, that's my opinion on that. Having battle animations enabled would mean: -more faithful to base game - doesn't negatively skew progression - doesn't make it more unfair, or easier to farm - fair play is bs, since others can pay for a quarter of their game being boosted -and mods/admins shouldn't band Wagon to support others that agree with their sentiment. In my old thread someone else came in and deviated from my original question. It was never a thread about my opinions Other than that, I'm more that happy to hear why im wrong, how I'm wrong. But once again, this is my opinion, and I'll be open to constructive arguments.
  3. I haven't argued about what's fair and not, it's his repose ive replied to. And anyways, it wouldn't be game breaking or hunting faster. The official fire red games and older pokemon games allow players to fully disable animations, to go through battles quicker. Old pokemon games have slow animations, and even game freak was aware of that. I highly doubt making the game a bit faster, would negatively effect the games economy in any meaningful way. You seem to easily forget about level caps, and that would work when trying to grind after pokemons level up after level 50 And if fair is really the case, why do you guys offer people to pay for 25% extra exp from battles? That would go against your "fair play" statement.
  4. Looks like you managed to miss my original point . Obviously I'm not talking about when playing VS actual players, but rather the base game where I'm required to grind and level my mons to 50/100. There really should be no issue in disabling animations for the base game, as that has no effect on the mmo aspect in any way. Once again, I'm aware of the 25% exp boost, and I don't care about spending a little money, but that's still useless to me, as each battle is still too long.
  5. Right, thanks for that info, maybe I'll pass on pokemmo, battles are too drawn out for me, I'll see
  6. Before anyone asks, yes I've checked FAQ and guide and found nothing that answered my question Is there any way of disabling battle Animations to make the fights as quick as possible, or any possible mods that do or speed up game play in general? Maybe this gets asked often, so my bad for that, but a quick answer will help a lot, I'm used to playing mons on emulators with fast forward or pokemon showdown for comp games, so kinda finding it hard to get into this
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