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  1. That's still 50% more, which is a big deal. Guess I'll just have to live with the three wasted days of my life then. RIP indeed, but thanks for the emotional support. How rude! Also I thought most browsers had their own spellcheckers, guess not. Either way, thanks for the emotional support (almost) everyone! See you all in another life time.
  2. Thanks for the emotional support at least.
  3. Again, I can't send just the Eggs, meaning they would have different trainer IDs. (Yes traded Pokemon.) Eggs when hatched get the current trainer ID, not the one from the parents. A full party of traded Pokemon makes the game worse in my opinion. (50% more EXP, friendship is capped, nicknames cannot be changed, and they refuse to listen at lower levels.) So again, I want my Eggs, not their hatched versions.
  4. So after a long time away from Pokemmo, I decided to return, but do things a little differently. A Normal monotype run starting with Eggs. (Because traded Pokemon aren't that loyal, and I needed them low level anyway.) Turns out, you can mail Pokemon, items, and funds between characters on the same account. Good news! I thought... 3 IRL Days Later: "You cannot mail Eggs." WHAT I've gone through the process of gathering funds, deciding my normal type team, and breeding the parents so I can start playing... But I can't mail Eggs? Why? You can receive (and I presume claim) mail before you get a starter, so why not let me have my Eggs? Would I be able to physically trade with myself for the Eggs instead of mailing? I don't want to be stuck in Kanto for another 3 days if this doesn't work... (Also if anyone wants to know the team, ask away I guess.)
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