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  1. Reclosing the shop due to being busy again in real life~ I'll finish the current requests I've accepted~ :3 ty for understanding
  2. Sure thing~ Tell me more about your request in PM :3
  3. Thank you for using my services! @Atmosfere | Enjoy your Team Logo & Userbar!
  4. @darkdavi12 Here you go :o I'll be expecting my donation in the mail!
  5. Alright :o I'll work on it, I'll ping you here once it's ready!
  6. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M BACK U W U | I will be accepting new requests from now on~
  7. I've finished~ Hope you enjoy it :o I've made a slight varation due to your forum name~ If there is any minor changes you wish to make, let me know! I'll be expecting the donation mail soon ;3
  8. Ooh this is some god tier render~ I'll start working on it in a few hours, depending on busy I am today
  9. Ty for using my services~ @TheChampionMike | Enjoy!
  10. :P Thanks for using my service again @UGUDLIGHT ~ Enjoy~ ;3
  11. Oooh so that's what you meant~ My bad :< It's not a bad idea I suppose!
  12. I'm sorry what- If these aren't T-Shirt & Pants, Idk what they are. Perhaps you didn't see that option when you were creating a character?
  13. @PepperPoots something like that. I randomly chose Usaring for testing. Not the final product tho, still testing,
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