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  1. Thank you for using my services! @LordSacrilegius
  2. The fee can be found on the first page xD I've updated it. It ranges from 100k to 500k
  3. Thank you again for using my service, EmoDuck!
  4. Hey guys, I've re-opened my GFX Shop, with a few adjustments: - Revamped Looks & all - My services now have a fee | let's be honest, nobody like doing stuff for free - I've removed the Train Card Option due to being unpopular - Requests may take some time, depending on my mood #self-care Apologies to those whose requests were not finished last time (in like 2019, yikes), feel free to contact me again.
  5. Reclosing the shop due to being busy again in real life~ I'll finish the current requests I've accepted~ :3 ty for understanding
  6. Sure thing~ Tell me more about your request in PM :3
  7. Thank you for using my services! @Atmosfere | Enjoy your Team Logo & Userbar!
  8. @darkdavi12 Here you go :o I'll be expecting my donation in the mail!
  9. Alright :o I'll work on it, I'll ping you here once it's ready!
  10. Hey Ash :o hope you enjoy your stay on the forum~
  11. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M BACK U W U | I will be accepting new requests from now on~
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