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  1. Hey Ash :o hope you enjoy your stay on the forum~
  2. oof~ Welcome! Enjoy your stay~ exciting update is coming soon~
  3. Oooh so that's what you meant~ My bad :< It's not a bad idea I suppose!
  4. I'm sorry what- If these aren't T-Shirt & Pants, Idk what they are. Perhaps you didn't see that option when you were creating a character?
  5. Sorry the the late reply~ I forgot I didn't have notifications from this post for some reason, ty very much!
  6. Welcome Wingore~ Hope you continue to enjoy your stay here~
  7. Breadlicious

    I'M BACK

    Welcome back :O
  8. Welcome to PokeMMO :o hope you able to fix your launcher issue & enjoy your stay!
  9. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. I will literally eat any type of bread. D:< Yes tyty
  10. 00f garlic bread with cheese is good too but with baguette & bagel you can have more combinations u w u );;
  11. Bless that would be neat, a deadly combination at that!
  12. Heywo Peeps~ u w u I'm Breadlicious. Bread for short (obviously). Which kind of bread you ask? Hmmm that's a hard question, I suppose I'll be a Turkish Bread or a Bagel. Anyway I just started the game today. I'm new to PokeMMO but I do have some experience. I used to play (edited), moved on to here. No reasons really, just wanted to see how PokeMMO was compared to (edited). I've also moved my GFX Shop here, and I would like to promote it. I consider myself adequate enough, please do come and visit my GFX Shop . it's really lonely there. My in-game name is also Breadlicious, add me if you want.
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