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  1. Cant wait for this to be completed. Any news on progress?
  2. You are about to be my kids Hero lol. Setting them up now! Thank you so much!
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if when you finish the tutorial section of one region (example Kanto) and you decided to go to a different region it flagged the other rom that you had done the tutorial and start you off in the first town of the 2nd or 3rd etc region. Maybe have it add a line of dialog to the boat NPC where they grant you one of the starters for that region on behalf of that regions prof. 2nd thought, SCALING GYM LEADERS. I was watching this guy on YouTube SilphSpectre and he has a series called "True Power" where he goes through the series and shows each gym leaders Best Possible Teams. In gen 2 when you go visit Brock he has a stronger team and in the Pokemon Origins OVA it shows that Gym Leaders pick their teams based on how many badges the trainer has. I think this would be a nice additive to work in tandem with the first idea. It would also make integrating HGSS easier as the already acquired badges would flag the gym as complete. You would just need to visit each gym again in order to trigger specific events. Maybe create an item that needs to be delivered to each Kanto Gym so that the 2nd half of the story plays out similar. Would it be possible to have HGSS and FireRed run in unison? Basically it have Kanto VISUALLY be HGSS but the events correspond with FireRed? For example. You start off in Kanto and it LOOKS like the Kanto in HGSS but all the events and triggers are that of FR. But if you start in Johto, it plays out like regular HGSS? The only problem then becomes the ability to transfer regions after the 4th badge. But in all honesty if you did that it would just need to recognize your HGSS progression. Flagging if the Johto Elite 4 have been completed to determine if progression continued on as HGSS or as FR. This has kind of turned into brain vomit. I feel like the overall experience of Pokemmo is slowly working towards seamless integration. Its entirely possible my suggestions are already in discussion with the team. Either way I just wanted to toss them out. Thanks for reading this wall.
  4. Has anyone tested the Android version on a Kindle fire? My kids have fire 7's and I was wondering if anyone has gotten it to work or if it would even be worth my time to try to get this on there for them.
  5. I would LOVE to be able to watch contests!!! I would honestly like to see player only contest events that we could spectate!
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