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  1. Damn I wish I was you, seems I am still the only one who still has this problem, the lack of communication doesn't help either.
  2. I do not even know what is going on, I hope they fix this soon. I do not even have a virtual machine on my pc, at least i dont think, but they keep insisting it cant run with it.
  3. Same here, I keep getting "Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machin´╗┐e." even still, I'm running on 64 bit... Can anyone help?
  4. I made a previous post about this but it appears to have disappeared, my pokemmo says that it wont run under a virtual machine, what happened?
  5. I was wondering because hidden abilities can be tricky, so I wanted to know if some of them were implemented, for example analytic, speed boost, and steadfast.
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