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  1. Damn I wish I was you, seems I am still the only one who still has this problem, the lack of communication doesn't help either.
  2. I do not even know what is going on, I hope they fix this soon. I do not even have a virtual machine on my pc, at least i dont think, but they keep insisting it cant run with it.
  3. Same here, I keep getting "Sorry, this application cannot run under a Virtual Machine." even still, I'm running on 64 bit... Can anyone help?
  4. I made a previous post about this but it appears to have disappeared, my pokemmo says that it wont run under a virtual machine, what happened?
  5. I was wondering because hidden abilities can be tricky, so I wanted to know if some of them were implemented, for example analytic, speed boost, and steadfast.
  6. I have a beheeyem and I want it to learn signal beam, one of it's tutor moves. However you can only get signal beam tutored if you are in the kanto region, so is impossible for beheeyem to learn signal beam?
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