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  1. Thanks for explaining to me those concepts, i'm starting in competitive mode and I still do not understand many concepts (I'm working on it). For that reason I appreciate all the explanations and possible help (sorry for my english level, i need a translator sometimes xD) According to your concepts and what I could understand, a good team could be: - Pelipper - Kabutops - Ludicolo/Kingdra - Porigon2 - Ferrothorn - Conkeldurr's counter (i don't now stats needed, only kingdra, ludicolo and pelipper) Am I in the correct way? I appreciate all possible help :)
  2. Hi guys!! I'm building my first team and i need help, can you help me, please?? I'd like to build a rain team, at this moment i have 3 pokemon for my team. Pelipper @Damp Rock Hability: Drizzle Nature: Bold IV: 0 Atk EV: 252 HP, 252 Def, 6 SpA - Hurricane - Escald - Roost - Defog Kingdra @??? Hability: Swift Swim Nature: Modest IV: 0 Atk EV: 252 Speed, 252 SpA, 6HP - Ice Beam - Dragon Pulse / (???) -??? -??? Ludicolo @LifeOrb Hability: Swift Swim Nature: Modest IV: 0 Atk EV: 252 Speed, 252 SpA, 6 HP - Ice Beam - Gigadrain - ??? - ??? I have thought in two options for the team leader (if you think in better options, please tell me) First Option, Suicide Lead (my favourite option) Smeargle @Focus Sash Hability: Own Tempo Nature: Timid IV: 31 HP, 31 Speed EV: 252 HP, 252 Speed, 6 Def or SpD - Endeavor - Spore - Stealth Rock - Taunt Second Option Crustle @Mental Herb Hability: Sturdy Nature: Adamant IV: 31 Hp, 31 Atk, 31 Speed EV: 200 HP, 248 Atk, 62 Speed - Rock Blast - X-Scissor - Stealth Rock - Spikes And i need 2 more pokemon.. Guys, can you help me to build my team? Thank you!!!
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