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  1. Rival boy comes out of house and bumps into you facing backwards Nurse joy faces backwards after talking Shop script error 505 for left shop keeper that normally sells cosmetic items Early Trainers don't talk after battling them, most of them say stuff after losing Poketch missing? I got the coupons and redeemed them, but have nothing new in inventory No sound when jumping down ledges, I swear it normally makes a noise in Pokemon games No sound when a Pokemon uses growl I'll keep an eye out for other things that seem unusual
  2. I mean you say that like there isn't already FIRE FÏRE FÎRE FÍRE FÌRE. What is F1RE going to hurt?
  3. Then just only in tags would be fine. 4 letters is hard to work with. Almost everything is already taken, so people are using Latin letters to get around it anyway.
  4. "Yeah, well, y'know that's just like, uh, your opinion, man." - The Dude There are plenty of ways numbers could be used, like: Instead of Seven [SEV], you could have Se7en [777]. Instead of Chief [HALO] you could have HALO [117] Instead of Elite [Elt] you could have Elite [1337] Instead of Hackers [HAX] you could have H4X0R [H4X] There are tons of names already like that, but restricted in creativity due to lack of numbers. People use the Latin letters like it's a requirement. Almost everyone is using some kind of dots above letters. Numbers should be an option. [F1R3] [AQU4] [0MGA] [H4TE] [D1R3] etc, tons of options for numbers in tags.
  5. @rocafi There are also some online patching tools, like here https://www.marcrobledo.com/RomPatcher.js/
  6. Why after 7 years are numbers still not in team names? Latin was added, but not numbers. TripleAce [AC3] and other creative names are restricted. Numbers are really useful in tags, and should have been added when Latin characters were put in. Something I posted below. I have donator status, and I would gladly PAY for this feature if I had to.
  7. MhxAir

    Guide to Teams

    Why after 7 years are numbers still not in team names? Latin was added, but not numbers. TripleAce [AC3] and other creative names are restricted. Guess I'll put this in the suggestions section and hope it gets added with Platinum.
  8. @Beanlee First you need a copy of Fire Red version 1.1, which I hope you already have, because I can't help you get a rom. To patch a LIPS file, all you need to do is download Lunar IPS to your computer, click on the .exe, it will ask you to select your Fire Red rom, then select the patch. I have 2 versions now, so you can download either palette file from my dropbox, and put the Fire Red 1.1 rom and .ips file in the Lunar IPS folder. After patching the rom with the .exe, drag the Fire Red rom to your roms folder where you have Black/White and the other roms, then open up PokeMMO. Edit the client with the options button = and select the newly patched rom. Now when you play, the berry holes will look like the Gold/Silver/Crystal Fruit Bearing Trees. @HackGod Saw you liked it, so I wanted to let you know I updated it with an Alternate version!
  9. Berry holes begone! This is a simple IPS patch for Fire Red v1.1 that replaces those stupid hole lines for berries. All the other games have trees, why not bring them to Kanto? Since there is only one tile, and one design for the berry holes, I decided to go with an updated version of the Fruit Bearing Trees from Gold/Silver/Crystal version. Since I didn't modify the palette or anything extra, this patch works with the seasons and day/night. This is the perfect mod for people that are happy with how Fire Red looks, but just hate walking around looking for those dumb lines in the grass. Welcome back, trees. UPDATE! I just created a Version 2, using an alternate tree/bush palette, which gives a more vibrant hue, making the tree stand out even more! Choose whichever version you prefer, Lunar IPS links are below. Download Alternate Palette (Version 2) Download Grass Palette (Version 1)
  10. MhxAir

    Vanity Thread

    This is a multiple suggestion in one example. Glowing eyes, any color, glows like LED and Halo Eyebrows in a separate category, for angry, one eyebrow up, happy, etc emoticon faces Goatee, and other facial hair options Gary's hairstyle. It's spiky and cool, would look great in many colors. Also, an open hoodie would be nice. I'm currently using the Cool Jacket and a black Backpack to hide the back, to look like an open hoodie. Idc what price tag you put up for these vanity items, they will surely sell a lot. Oh, and put Majora's Mask on the Glasses tab or nobody is going to want to wear it. While I'm thinking about it, a Sweet Scent and a Dig Ocarina would be really nice to have. I hate carrying around HM slaves. TM slaves aren't much better, since only certain Pokemon can do certain moves, so it becomes a burden having a half useless team.
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