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  1. I miss you. Keep in touch with me. Gary#4444
  2. weebs running rampant in our community, how do we stop them
  3. Look again? :o ?? Why are you dropping your tag here twice? Yo, that image actually made me remember you for once. Hi, how fare you? :o
  4. You're cute. :) Hello there, Harry. My rhinolicious friend. :) Thank you, friend-o
  5. I'm Gary. My dearest friends are: @KaynineXL @Kanzo @001 @Quint @Rendiz @Bilburt @TheChampionMike @Leviticus @strifexchaos @Cressman @xSparkie @xSkyy @benjaminvoz @znk26 @JIceJDragon @TeamRocketHarry @Zymogen @kevola @Suneet @kloneman If I have forgotten your name, you're dear to me as well. So dear to me that I did not want to disturb your day by bothering you with that notification :) Hi, again.
  6. Hello

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    2. BilsSisterIsFriendly


      You make me so happy.

    3. Moetal



    4. BilsSisterIsFriendly


      None to be given. I just came to tell you you're my #1 

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