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  1. had same thing, uninstalled, now can't redownload the game, help?
  2. Would Recommend, fast efficient service. No problems.
  3. Didn't know giving him a good deal was imperative to international politics.
  4. IGN Jekabs Favourite Pokemon - Bisharp (someones gotta be edgy (pun intended) On pokemmo i am currently busy doing: Endgame stuff, not that i know what i'm doing. In game play time - 319 hours I would like to join because - My first time back on the game in 3/4 years. My old team is no longer around so i'm looking for somewhere new to hang out. Why should you invite me? I don't know, i'm active, pretty laid back, up for anything etc.
  5. Thanks, that's all i needed to know.
  6. Hi guys, So i haven't played this game in a while and only got up to finishing the second region. I was wondering if anyone can give me a tl;dr of any of the major changes that i've missed eg new regions etc. Also, i can't seem to find my account that i used before, so i also wanted to ask if inactive accounts were deleted after a certain amount of time? Cheers in advance.
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