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  1. my therapist will tell you psychosis, but I call it hard drugs
  2. I enjoyed my 15 mins of playing the update yesterday 7/10 would play sometime again
  3. Bagon for sale hue, give me expensive things that will rot forever in my box
  4. In other news, I had a 200k offer on bagon so it looks like im selling     Edit: post originally didnt go up on new page so I changed it, too afraid of being called scrub   edit 2: King Smithy
  5. McSmithy

    Quick Wishlist

    1. my parents' acceptance 2. $100 3. girlfriend 4. white color in customization
  6. I was fratting last night, I'm hungover as fuck which means I'll be on a lot later, I'm not moving much today
  7. So basically unless you have many shinies this doesn't matter at all
  8. Question about shiny breeding that I'm too scared to ask in the thread out of fear of being shit on: in order to breed a shiny, you must sacrifice 2 shinies?
  9. Why is everyone waiting on me I know you guys love me but geez
  10. Breeding actually doesnt seem awful as long as you keep in mind what the devs were going for   Also +1 on archi's server wipe idea   Go VVVV
  11. I'll be back Friday, in the mean time I'm playing Omega Ruby in preparation for Hoenn
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