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  1. Character name:[Edited by staff] Account name:[Edited by staff] What were you banned from?: pokemmo "When were you banned?": 04/07/2019 "Take a Screenshot of the message": Yesterday I was chasing flashes and dreams. For my six favorite elves! To save time, put pp fruit and sweetness in the shortcut bar! So I work like a script! But no scripts were used! During this time, I often chat with my friends, about 2 groups of pp fruit, in China about 0.00 time to go out to play games to sleep. The odds of 1 to 30000 take a long time! But it's all worth dreaming about! But my dream has just begun to be mistakenly sealed, I am very reluctant! About 500 hours, is my hard work! Appeal again: I ruoki, did not open the script
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