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  1. I don't really do much around the forums so I don't know if there is a usual time PTS servers go up at. My question is: Do we have an exact timing of when the PTS will go up?
  2. Sounds interesting, but is basically just ripped from Let's Go. I don't think this is something that will happen, but you never know. Also there are events where you have to work together with a team (for example, the christmas event last year had you work as a team with up to 3 other people to defeat as many trainers as possible in a certain area)
  3. As far as I know, the only other way to get reward points is to win some of the big tournaments that are hosted. But most of the things in the reward shop can be found on the GTL, but are rather expensive.
  4. I'm not that good with these sort of problems, but the best advice I could give would be this. 1) If you believe that your firewall is causing the problem try disabling it and starting up the game. 2) Make sure you're firewall and everything is completely up to date. I've had this problem with a few games I played in the past that I was unable to play until I updated my firewall 3) Try completely re installing PokeMMO and re downloading all the ROMS needed and make sure you are close to your router and connected VIA Ethernet 4) Just try restarting your device (I assume a computer) Last resort if you really want to play PokeMMO is that you may need to reset your PC. I've done this a few times in the past to help get rid of unwanted files on my computer that I cannot find. (Please keep in mind that this is a last resort, try not to do this until you've done all you can think of)
  5. They're currently working on Sinnoh, and I don't believe we have been told anything about them adding BW2 content at all, but maybe eventually.
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