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  1. Where can i find the walkthroughs? For the singleplayer
  2. Can someone help me evolve my kadabra? I’m in dewford town in emerald.
  3. I’m starting out, can someone tell me how to trade Pokémon with other people?
  4. I have a taillow and marshtomp, the gym destroys me, what Pokémon should I add to help me take down the gym leader? EDIT: i was able to beat the dewford gym...it was close, i used 2 super potions and only had one pokemon left, my marshtomp, and my other pokemon that i had around to absorb damage, they died also...
  5. Is lotad good to use for single player? What moves should I have him learn, and when should I evolve him?
  6. I can’t find it’s location in the walkthrough, can someone tell me?
  7. So what are the best moves for gengar, in sing player in fire red? I might go: shadowball hypnosis dream eater what should I have as a fourth move? Or should I use other moves?
  8. Which is better for singleplayer: Fearow or Pidgeot?
  9. What should my Growlithe learn by the time it evolves? this is for singleplayer. i figured i wanted 2 flame type moves including flame thrower so i can finish the game without running out of fire type moves fast, and learn take down and crunch. is this good? Also, should i learn fire type moves while thinking about the fact that arcanine's attack stat is a little higher than its special attack stat? Or the fact that one fire type move is higher damage than the other? I hope i'm making sense.
  10. So i reached Rock Tunnel in Fire Red/leaf Green, but i forgot to get the HM05 Flash before reaching that point, i don't know how to go back to get it, am i in trouble?
  11. Is growlithe a good Pokémon to use if I’m starting the story portion of Kanto? Also, do steel and dark type Pokémon appear in Kanto?
  12. How often can TMs be used in Kanto? Is it the same in other regions as well?
  13. So i need help doing the vermillion city badge, i think he's called lt surge, and he's pretty tough. i got a golem and alakazam to use against his pokemon, but he's pretty powerful, what pokemon should i use against him?
  14. i was hoping you could lead me into the steps on how to do trades.
  15. So i want to evolve my kadabra, how can i trade with others quickly, and let them know that i want to trade, just so they could help me evolve my kadabra?
  16. But to find info like wild locations, don't you need to encounter that pokemon in the wild/against npcs that are trainers?
  17. So i want to catch an abra in fire red/leaf green, but i don't know where i can find one, is there a reliable guide out there that will tell me info like this? i'd also like to know where the guides are so i can go through the game easily.
  18. i caught Baltoy, is he good? He appeared next to me, and i caught him.
  19. I mean i have an account here on the forums, can i use the same account to play pokemmo the game? I try to, it says the account doesn't exist. I tried to get a password reset at the part of the game where i ask for a password reset entering my username Hydralisk, but an email doesn't appear in my email address for a password reset.
  20. Will my desktop computer be able to play all of pokemmo? Like all of the regions. My processor is pentium 4, i think i have no gpu, just integrated graphics or something.
  21. I am saying I wonder how much more power my computer would need if pokemmo included the 3ds Pokémon games in the future. I assume the 3ds Pokémon games require more graphical power than Pokémon black and white. Also, you’re saying I’d need to pay aeound $100 or more on a graphics card to run 3ds content on Pokemmo?
  22. Thanks for the answer. I wonder though if my computer could run pokemmo if the game gets 3ds content, if I used a short model graphics card that isn’t expensive.
  23. Let's say in the future pokemmo gets the games for 3ds. How powerful does my computer have to be to run the game? I mean would i have to spend a lot on that computer?
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