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  1. It's Imgur so it should be fine.. simply copying and pasting makes it work so I'm not sure what the issue is :s I reccomend removing the signature and saving and then adding it again to see if that fixes it, it's probably due to what dibz said that stopped it from working in the first place. Edit: nevermind the picture was animated when I was posting it but after posting it it is not animated anymore :S I have no clue sorry :(
  2. In my opinion they would of done it more for wanting to keep snorlax a rare Pokémon (as it should be) leftovers was never a gamebreaking way to farm yen and I think the lack of leftovers would annoy a lot of PvP players, maybe sinnoh could bring new access to leftovers in some way. However.. the exact same method can be used elsewhere too for other 'rares' that also hold valuable PvP items such as Absol & Life Orbs (almost 3x as much money as leftovers) which afaik are still available with the repel trick soo...? Not sure why snorlax alone has took the hit. You can still hunt a shiny snorlax it's just gonna actually be rare from now on which will also make it much more of an achievement when you do find one & I hope you do :)
  3. Having a Pokémon level 40 in the front of your team and using a repel to repel anything that's level 39 and under so you can only encounter either a Snorlax,Hypno or venomoth
  4. Yep.. maybe it is a bug like @razimove said, Strange why pokedex still says level 40.
  5. Yes server currently undergoing maintenance.
  6. This is how I felt before this update... Berry farming was so broken if you didn't want to do it (which I never did) there was not a lot you could do to keep up. But there's a lot more ways to make money other than what you are used to I guess, i don't do any of the things you've mentioned and have made enough $ to not need anymore (buying RP is definitely not the best way to make $) . Also I'm pretty sure now amulet coin has been changed you get more money, you just have to spend a few mins hunting for a couple amulet coin before your gym run...
  7. I'm color blind but I don't understand what's the problem? You can't distinguish between the 2 colors or are you having trouble seeing one of them?
  8. Here https://www.nfuonline.com/home/complaints-procedure/
  9. Hidden Abilities are not yet available in PokeMMO. (Some NPC's will have them but so far we can not)
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