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  1. I tried looking for the hood but when I went to sootopolis and cinnabar, I just got TMs. Any advice for this issue?
  2. Hopefully this doesn't seem like spam but I have a breloom I wanna get highly leveled but not sure where to grind bc it has no AoE moves, making hordes out of the picture. Anyone got ideas/movesets for grinding with it? I want it to be my pokemon-catcher
  3. Thanks a bunch, I'll def try some of these things. Thanks my guy! :)
  4. Title pretty much sums it up. I've completed all the story, I've never been too into the meta so is there anything else to do if I don't wanna battle?
  5. Because there's gonna be a new Dr Strange movie, maybe some of the costumes from dr strange Ancient one: https://gyazo.com/38b8d6c31e93c2b0c1d3176e9385cb65 Dr Strange: https://gyazo.com/49bba61fd30f8b554004992e995e1bc8
  6. come back to us, flesh-eater~

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