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  1. As someone who enjoys breeding mons, I'd be kinda hindered by this. It's just slower and doesn't really do anything for people who use the GTL the most. Use the advanced search or the search bar for specific things especially considering most people are looking for specific items anyway. I think most people with a basic knowledge of the game will know to search for lowest price. I think most, if not all of these suggestions just hinder the player more than anything else. If you want the UI to look different, use the themes in creative media. Waiting a minute isn't that fair, a minute difference would barely make a difference imo.
  2. Ooh I like this idea, takes from original series too. I think no.2 is a better idea than no.1 though, unless there's an option to turn it on and off
  3. Are there gonna be progress updates?
  4. This is such a fun mod to use, thank you! With the mons I have, is it possible for a smaller version of the mons since they kinda stick out a bit? If not, do you know any themes that this mod works well with perhaps that alter the GUI? ^^
  5. God please let this happen
  6. https://gyazo.com/80a1f7ab27f980cd19fbc1a37907b9e0 Idk if this is a bug but never had this before in this area EDIT: I think this is just night time my apologies
  7. I tried looking for the hood but when I went to sootopolis and cinnabar, I just got TMs. Any advice for this issue?
  8. Hopefully this doesn't seem like spam but I have a breloom I wanna get highly leveled but not sure where to grind bc it has no AoE moves, making hordes out of the picture. Anyone got ideas/movesets for grinding with it? I want it to be my pokemon-catcher
  9. Thanks a bunch, I'll def try some of these things. Thanks my guy! :)
  10. Title pretty much sums it up. I've completed all the story, I've never been too into the meta so is there anything else to do if I don't wanna battle?
  11. Because there's gonna be a new Dr Strange movie, maybe some of the costumes from dr strange Ancient one: https://gyazo.com/38b8d6c31e93c2b0c1d3176e9385cb65 Dr Strange: https://gyazo.com/49bba61fd30f8b554004992e995e1bc8
  12. come back to us, flesh-eater~

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