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  1. A little bit too oppressive. Shell Smash Water Spout is the set I've seen the most, basically making it a worse Dracovish. Turn one you use Water Spout on any poor non-water resistant and do dumb amounts of damage, making Water Absorb a must (I know this is a stretch saying this one case makes him oppressive, but still). You're either having to run Water Absorb Pokemon like Quagsire, Vaporeon or Lapras, or carrying something that can stop the water spouts with double resistances. Shell Smash forces you to run haze or some phasing move like Roar, moves which are pretty common overall, making it
  2. I agree completely. Like you said, due to Spiritomb's innate ability to counter basically of them completely freely, it makes a HUGE typing (Gallade, Garde, Espeon, etc.) effectively useless. What's the point in running into, knowing whatever you set you think of is completely countered by one Pokemon that literally doesn't need to do anything but exist. Next comes the issue of how damn good at everything this Pokemon is. Amazing typing, especially considering how many normal types there are, immunity to fighting, probably top 3 most common attacking types in the entire metagame, and like we b
  3. Just made two new signatures. Poliwrath signature is paid, other is my own.
  4. Recently made a signature for myself (look below) and was thinking about opening a shop. I'll make a few more, can you guys price them for me? Once I've settled in, I'll start selling. Thanks :) Just made a new signature: Opinions?
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