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  1. Just made two new signatures. Poliwrath signature is paid, other is my own.
  2. Recently made a signature for myself (look below) and was thinking about opening a shop. I'll make a few more, can you guys price them for me? Once I've settled in, I'll start selling. Thanks :) Just made a new signature: Opinions?
  3. Yeah sorry haha! Sorry about that, let me edit. also, does the overall look of the post look good? I know it's not flashy or got any cool images, but is it informativE?
  4. Wishlist: Shiny Mareep, Flaaffy or Ampharos. I'd prefer Mareep or Flaaffy. (Currently don't have the money to shiny breed a good one D:) Decent UU comps. Currently don't have the knowledge to pick ones that my team benefits from, but open to all suggestions. Either the orange or blue flaming skull. Shiny Eevee. An absolutely perfect Gallade (6x31, Adamant or Timid, Shadow Sneak, EVs, etc.) That's about it, really. Also, I have a Discord: shep#0069
  5. Selling the following NU comps: Swanna: Modest, 5x30. EV Trained in Sp. Atk and Speed, level 62. IVs are everything but attack. Has a full moveset: Surf, Air Slash, Ice Beam and HP Ground. Ability: Big Pecks Ninetales: Timid, 5x31. EV Trained in Sp. Atk and Speed, level 69 ;). IVs are everything but attack. Has a full moveset: Calm Mind, Flamethrower, Energy Ball and Extrasensory. Ability: Flash Fire. Golurk: Adamant, 5x30. EVs are slightly weird, 140 in Hp, 252 in Atk and 118 in Sp. Def, level 100. IVS are everything but Sp. Atk. Has a full moveset: Earthquake, Shadow Punch, Drain Punch and Ice Punch. Ability: Iron Fist. Sceptile: Timid, 3x31, 2x30. EV Trained in Sp. Atk and speed, level 50. IVs in everything but attack. Full moveset (slightly weird): Dragon Pulse, Sub, Energy Ball and HP Fire. Ability: Overgrow. On a side note: I'm very lenient with prices, but don't try and low ball me :P. On ANOTHER side note: if there are any UU players who are willing to help me make a team, that'd be greatly appreciated. IGN: Kunimizu. Usually always on, meeting place will nearly always be Vermillion Channel 5. EDIT: Also have the Boar Hood and Costume, want to trade for other limited items. EDIT2: Now doing an EV service: Doing level 1 - 50 for 50k, fully EV trained. I will also be willing to do 2 mons for 75k. If you don't have the berries or the money, and I can remove the wrong EVs for free!
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