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  1. yes i know the firered, and chico, toto and cynda is are avaliable only in safary or very remote, locals, and 1% of chance of encounter, and others pokemons, in this year released sword and shield and the pokemon mmo no avaliable sinnoh???? 3 continents is a much update and this year the game have 1 update, only in february where the others???? updates in questyon X/Y/ white/black 2, ,sun/moon a lot of updates....
  2. why the game not receive the anothers updates of important series, and not use leafgreen, and others, the game need the atualization, sinnoh, kalos, johto, pokemons example of chicorita, totodile, cyndaquil, electrabuzz and much others pokemons, the update, sinnoh, johto no need to introduce kalos and mega shinka, and tue game is much fun, otherwise why the not create one league pokemon?
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