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  1. I started Hoenn myself and I can assure you it's not that hard, nothing a little leveling and pokemon capturing won't fix.
  2. Lmao.T_T Yeah, it's not clear what he means... he's saying he wants "the option to "ban" on android, if the option is available on PC it should be available on android" ... is there, like, a block option on the PC that isn't obvious on android? Maybe he wants to block someone...
  3. Maybe you could get them from meeting in-game conditions and they be entirely vanity, I think that would be good. Like, beating Blaine 3x would net you "Red Hot Challenger" and Misty might be "Eternal Blue" or something. Catching more than one shiny could be "Limited Edition". They'd be like achievements kinda.
  4. As someone who played the original red and blue during the early days of the internet, and actually saw this rumor as it first emerged... ...Lmao. I love you.
  5. Not something I'm planning to do RIGHT NOW but just wanting to ask: I know some players host tournaments with prizes on the line to stimulate activity from time to time. Do prizes offered HAVE to be PokeMMO related or can they be, like, Steam games or Gift Cards or...?
  6. I can't find them in an easy to spot place, so I'm just going to ask outright: what are the alt rules and character interaction rules here? I'm the type to possibly create more than one character for fun, but I don't want to accidentally run afoul of unknown rules here (say, if I gave my alt money and then suddenly it's, like, BAN). I don't want to be seen as cheating, and also I've already donated heavily so getting banned would suck. I want to ask BEFORE I make an alt.
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