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  1. That's ban worthy, just wait to any SGM watch this dw...
  2. In some cases they weren't able to for various reasons, why not just sending a mail to confirm, the cash ain't necessary
  3. IGN: Damzito Timezone: GMT -4 Tiers: NU > DUBS > OU Fluff: "I just want to give my bests on this competition called PSL, I still got traumas since I got haxed for the first time." - Damzito -
  4. IGN: JorgeFirebolt Time Zone: GMT+2 Discord: Jorge Firebolt#1504 Tiers: OU Fluff: I've already played WC3, WC4 and PSL13. Both world cups as SMOU/OU with Spain and PSL13 as OU with Ruthless Rotoms. I'm willing to win atleast once on this game a PSL and do a good OU record. I've only won 2 Community Combats tournaments and a OU Seasonal tournament, but rn I'm eager and ready to try my bests on this PSL to win, I'm ready and setled to do my bests on this PSL!
  5. Add Golbat as physical wall, defogger and taunt user Add Venusaur as physical wall
  6. Team: Devolve la plata Player OU: JorgeFirebolt Player NU: Huargensy
  7. Invitational tournaments were a really cool tournament system which sadly died by the time and got replaced by seasonal crowns which are just spamming in ranks to enter and try to win thanks to a random matchup in early rounds, and in late rounds try to counter your rival. Invitational tournaments should come back, this kind of tournaments really required a lot of effort to win them. (By invitational I also mean old Seasonals) First of all, i'll explain how Invitation Tournaments used to work like. So first of all there was 8 qualifiers tournaments, were the top 2 players of any of those 8 qualifiers, had an invitation to the finale tournament with 16 spaces in total, and, usually, 3rd position on those tours had a place on reserves, also, the bracket format of this tournament was a double elimination bracket, which means you need to lose twice to lose, which makes it hard to get RNGed twice or lose to a bad matchup twice if you were smart enough to do some fast builds or counter builds to your next rival. When the 8 qualifiers were done, only 16 players would play the finale tournament, fighting the top 3 for one of 3 shinies usually, 1st position choosing the shiny which most likes between those 3, 2nd position same but with only 2 mons, and 3rd needs to stay with the last mon. Also this tournaments usually had as reward some RP like current seasonals. (This only in some seasonal cases, there This kind of tournament had a duration of 6 weeks aproximetly. Also, here are some examples of Invitationals / old seasonals tournaments: I'd be cool to see again any of this tournaments in 2022, and if they think of reviving this kind of invitational / seasonal tournament style, i'd love to play it a lot, even if I get first rounded lol.
  8. So I'm doing some suggestions of old tournaments which I think they were cool and wish they got revived, one of those are tag teams hosted by the Staff which had as a gift 1 shiny pokemon for each player of the tag (usually this tag teams were couples). Here's some examples of tag teams hosted by the staff: Wish one day those tours get back to MMO, never played any but I would love to try any of those, sadly I wasn't able to experience this kind of tournaments since I'm a 2019 player
  9. Darker!!!!!! WB bro, wish you get back on MMO someday
  10. LF minor legendaries or legendaries viable to OU or lower like Zapdos, Heatran, regis, celebi, etc....
  11. Add Weavile as choice band user and Sword Dance setup sweeper
  12. Thanks for what lol, "Gave some of you some important knowledge experience going forward through competitive tournament." Yeh, ok, what a perfect description of Spain's tournament lmao, cya in WC5 anyways, I learnt a lot and gained lot of knowledge wow Thanks for this """"educuational"""" tournament 👋
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